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Seminar: Open access to research – from international solidarity to Norwegian count edge system?

In connection with the international Open Access Week invites university library to a seminar on open access to research.

Knowledge: a public global good – a journey through Open Access over 30 years
Rune Nilsen, Professor Emeritus of Global Health, University of Bergen.

Rune Nilsen was named one of Europe’s Open Access Champions in 2016. He believes that Open Access is an important means in the fight against academic apartheid.

National guidelines: Open access to research – a requirement for funding?
Oddrun Samdal, member of the Working Group, Vice-Rector for Education, University of Bergen.

The government requires that Norwegian research should be openly available. The working group proposes including incentives and requirements related to funding to achieve this.

How can I do my research openly available?
Irene Eikefjord, Librarian, University of Bergen Library.

UiB has changed the criteria for support for open publication from 1 October 2016. How to get support for open publishing? What options exist to make the University’s research openly available?

TIME: TUESDAY 25. October 12: 30-14: 30


The event is free and open to all. Welcome!

Introductory course for new employees

It is important for the University of Bergen that we have a good system to support our new employees in what both parties is an important transition and establishment process. UiB organizes therefore an introductory course for new employees in the business. The introductory course is offered to all new employees, regardless of position size and position group. We therefore ask the units to facilitate so that new employees may have the opportunity to attend the event. On the course we address the general theme of being a worker at UiB. In addition there is a chance to get to know other employees of the institution.

The HR department organizes introductory courses for new employees 2 times a year. All information will be given in Norwegian. University hires many foreign workers. It is therefore arranged their own similar courses in English.

Time: October 12th, at 9.00 AM  – 3.00 PM
Place: Stein Rokkans house, Nygårdsgaten 5, Auditorium 1080

Registration: You can register by clicking  here!
You can find the program here

Deadline: October 7th 2016

Announcement of Erasmus OS funds 2016-17

eu-erasmus_1We remind you that this year’s OS – funds (Organizational Support) at the disposal of the faculties and departments at the University of Bergen. OS-funds are part of the Erasmus grant for the University of Bergen and is based on the number of exchanges through the Erasmus program last year. Both academic and administrative employees can apply for OS-funding to cover the costs of activities that promote mobility within the Erasmus program, such as:

• contact for creating new partnerships
• contact travel partners for quality of agreements, etc.
• various events which promote exchanges within the Erasmus program
• measures to integrate incoming Erasmus students and other exchange students
• preparation of information materials and so on.

Applicants will get 50% of the expenses covered. For major expenses the support can be somewhat smaller, and With small amounts we can consider to cover more than 50% of the total cost.

Applications for funding must be submitted to Studieadministrativ avdeling in ePhorte, case number. 2016/8533 with a brief overview of how money will be spent.

Applications will be processed continuously.