Daily Archives: Friday October 28th, 2016



Dissemination implies to inform the public about research results beyond what is published in scientific journals. Dissemination is one of the main tasks of the University of Bergen, and was a topic at the university management conference last week.

Why is dissemination important? In addition to being a requirement from the authorities, dissemination is important to democracy. This may seem pompous, but in the complicated world of today it is increasingly important to inform both politicians and voters as much as possible. As scientists we can contribute in this aspect.

Dissemination may promote citation of scientific publications as well as improving chances of success in research applications. It is a requirement that applications must include a plan for dissemination. It is no longer enough to state that scientific results will be published in patient journals and in the press. Being able to demonstrate that dissemination already takes place contributes to the credibility of the dissemination plan in the next research application.

Dissemination may help to obtain good applicants for advertised PhD and postdocs and research positions.  The Dean has pointed out that dissemination should be a factor included in the salary assessments of the academic staff.

At MOF we are fortunate to have Marion Solheim who can help with dissemination. Marion is a journalist and is worth more than the rest of the communication department at UiB combined. I will call upon you to put dissemination on the agenda of the research groups. Do not hesitate to contact Marion if you need help as to dissemination.