Daily Archives: Thursday October 20th, 2016

Communication Breakfast 10.11.16: Going international!

We would like to welcome you to a new Communication Breakfast (#uibfrokost), Thursday 10th of November at 08:30-09:45 (doors open 8:00 for breakfast), Auditorium A, Sydneshaugen skole.

Going international! Or how to get a phone call from the BBC

Why do international media pick up some research stories, but fail to be interested in others? How do you reach a broader audience internationally with your Research?

Join us at this year’s third Communication Breakfast, where two UiB-professors will share their stories on international outreach, both via traditional and social media.

This #uibfrokost will be in English.

Full programme and registration form: http://www.uib.no/en/foremployees/101537/going-international-or-how-get-phone-call-bbc

Kind regards from “The Breakfast Club” (Hilde, Gro and Ingeborg) and our colleagues in the editorial section at the Communication Division