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NFR application – budgeting

Per BakkeK2 has had an internal process with support for selected NFR application this spring. This does not mean that others cannot apply NFR. But this year all budgeting of NFR application must follow the so-called TDI model. TDI stands for Total, Direct and Indirect costs (the total cost model) and is based on the government’s goal to make all direct and indirect costs of a research project visible. The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) has worked on the development of a national model for generally making total costs in research projects more visible. Among the contributors to this process are NTNU, UoB, UiO, SINTEF and NFR.

At MOF work has been done to implement this TDI model and which concrete effects it will have when the budgets are created. The goal is to get a common method of calculation and common rates at the different institutes. The objective will not be reached before the NFR applications are sent in, but the rule that all applications will be budgeted according to the TDI model will stand.

This means that all who will send in NFR applications in May must get their budget approved by the economy section at K2. The economy section will assist in making the budgets according to the TDI model. The internal deadline at K2 to get the budget quality assured according to the TDI model is May 14th. Those who come to the economy section with budget for NFR applications after this date will not be able to send the applications via K2.

If anything is unclear, contact Siv in the economy section.


Feedback to “Leading and Enabling Industrial Technologies/Biotechnologies”

Regarding Horizon2020, feedback is wanted to “Leading and Enabling Industrial Technologies/Biotechnologies” by May 26, 2014, and feedback for Samfunnsutfordring 2 (societal challenges 2) is wanted by June 9. See attachments about Research Infrastructures, Working programs (in Norwegian) and Food, Sea and Bio Economy (in Norwegian).

Feedback should be sent to Pro Dean Lise Øvreås, MatNat.

Preannouncement: Nordic Research Programme on Helath and Welfare

nordforsk_logo_jpegNordForsk has pre-announced a Call within the newly established Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare. About 120 MNOK will be shared between three to five large-scale projects, running for five years. The Call will be issued in June with application deadline in middle of October 2014. The pre-announcement aims to encourage Nordic researchers and research institutions to start preparing for the Call in terms of identifying in particular Nordic partners. For more information.

HSE courses for UiB employees working at the laboratory

Employees at the University of Bergen (UiB) with laboratory work are invited to the HSE courses:

  • Chemical Register (ECOonline) Step 1 (for Norwegian speakers), May 20 (registration deadline May 15)
  • Chemical Register (ECOonline) Step 2 (for Norwegian speakers), May 27 (registration deadline May 22)
  • Førstehjelp på laboratoriet (for Norwegian speakers), May 28
    (registration deadline May 21)
  • First Aid at the Laboratory (for English speakers), June 2
    (registration deadline May 26)

For more information (in Norwegian).

Courses in languages for employees at UiB

The Personnel and Organization Department offers these courses in the spring and fall semester:

  • Courses in plain language (22 and 23 May and on 23 and 24 October. Registration deadline Friday, May 16th.)
  • Nynorsk (18th and 19th June).
  • Evening courses in academic English (starting September 1st)
  • Intensive Course (summer) in Norwegian for foreign employees (17 July-9. August)

For more information (in Norwegian).

The 18th Broegelmann Lecture

BrøgelmannProfessor Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren will hold the 18th Broegelmann Lecture with the title «Insights on the molecular specificity and biological function of NK cells». The lecture will be held on Friday May 16, 13:00-14:00, in the Main Auditorium (Store Auditorium), Haukeland University Hospital.
For more information

Financial status at K2

Per BakkeFor the most part of last year, the financial situation at K2 was a recurring topic in this column and at various meetings. The general tone was that there was a large deficit. As late as November last year, I presented a prognosis which showed that by 2017 we would accumulate a total deficit of kr 18 million, even if we phase out all current positions where natural retirement will occur. After meetings with the Dean’s office we received a permanent compensation for part of our salary expenses.

This, in addition to us cutting expenses to the bone, has resulted in K2 achieving financial balance by March this year. The salary expenses reveal an underutilization of 0.5 million NOK in relation to the budget, which is caused by leave of absences and sick leaves. The prognosis thus predicts that the financial situation at K2 will be in balance this year.

The final deficit last year turned out to be kr 3.1 million. We are in dialogue with the faculty regarding a back-payment plan for this. Even though the situation remains tight, we are about to acquire control of the financial situation. The next goalwill be a situation where the institute has room for financial maneuvering. I will return with more information about this.


Bergen City Marathon

Three teams from K2 participated in the relay of Bergen City Marathon.

LøpskehormonerThe Hormone Laboratory competed with the team Løpske Hormoner (Runaway Hormones) in the class Relay Mixed Teams, and finished at 65th place with time 1:42:34.



stafettlag-damer-ernaeringThe nutrition students participated with two teams in the Relay Women Teams, and they finished at 3rd and 8th place. For more information (in Norwegian).


We congratulate everyone from K2 who participated in BCM!

Alumni Days May 9-10 2014


University of Bergen invites for the first time to Alumni Days Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of May. It will be an eventful weekend with academic replenishment, happy reunion and social activities at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and the entire University. For more information (in Norwegian).

NB! New registration deadline is Sunday May 4th. Employees have a different registration form. The program is available here (in Norwegian).

Seminar – Perspectives in Translational Medicine

Wednesday next week there will be a new seminar in the common seminar series for K1 and K2.

Title: “Searching for novel diabetes treatment modalities with stem cell technology and systems biology”
BFS Career Grant Recipient 2013: Helge Ræder
Time and place: Wednesdag May 7, 14.15-15.00, Store Auditorium, Central Building.
Chair: Eystein Husebye