NFR application – budgeting

Per BakkeK2 has had an internal process with support for selected NFR application this spring. This does not mean that others cannot apply NFR. But this year all budgeting of NFR application must follow the so-called TDI model. TDI stands for Total, Direct and Indirect costs (the total cost model) and is based on the government’s goal to make all direct and indirect costs of a research project visible. The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) has worked on the development of a national model for generally making total costs in research projects more visible. Among the contributors to this process are NTNU, UoB, UiO, SINTEF and NFR.

At MOF work has been done to implement this TDI model and which concrete effects it will have when the budgets are created. The goal is to get a common method of calculation and common rates at the different institutes. The objective will not be reached before the NFR applications are sent in, but the rule that all applications will be budgeted according to the TDI model will stand.

This means that all who will send in NFR applications in May must get their budget approved by the economy section at K2. The economy section will assist in making the budgets according to the TDI model. The internal deadline at K2 to get the budget quality assured according to the TDI model is May 14th. Those who come to the economy section with budget for NFR applications after this date will not be able to send the applications via K2.

If anything is unclear, contact Siv in the economy section.


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