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Applications to NFR and The Norwegian Cancer Society

Per BakkeThe application deadline for NFR, free research grants, is now passed, and a total of 18 applications were sent from K2. This is about a third of the applications from MOF. It is an impressive effort from many. We will do an evaluation of the support the institute gave to the applicants. We will come back to that.

It is, however, a paradox that we are mobilising so much effort for funding with low acceptance rate, while many of us are not aware of other NFR research programs where the acceptance rate is much higher than in the free research grants. I will therefore strongly urge people to check other calls from NFR, to see if they may have projects that fit these calls.

The next application round is to The Norwegian Cancer Society, with deadline June 2. I encourage all who plan to apply to notice that the project money from the Cancer Society does not cover rent and administration costs which incur automatically on all externally financed positions. The faculty has agreed to cover these costs, but only if it is cleared in beforehand. It means that the institute, Siv, must get a message BEFORE the application is sent about all the positions that is being applied for. Rent and administration costs (contribution margin) on granted positions without pre-applied clearing must be covered by the applicant.


Announcement from the Norwegian Cancer Society

Nytt logo Kreftforeningen lite

The Cancer Society’s annual main call for research funding for positions and operation is announced. You can now apply for support for researcher initiated cancer research projects in any research field. The projects are usually in the categories basal research, translational research, clinical research, epidemiologic research, health and social research or alternative/complementary research, but any application for cancer related research will be considered.

The application deadline is Monday June 2nd 2014, at 13:00. The Cancer Society will only accept applications sent electronically via the application portal.

Please keep in mind that the system of short-term clinical grants is now extended to all professions whose main position is in the clinic. Moreover, it is now possible to apply for a free position for a longer period than before, up to one year (full time).
For more information (in Norwegian).

NB! Applications to the Norwegian Cancer Society must be approved by the institute. The reason for this is that only projects approved in advance by the institute will get a refund for the contribution margin from the faculty.

Call from Astri and Edvard Riisøens Legacy

mynter-hjerteformet-16-9You can now apply for support from Astri and Edvard Riisøens Legacy. The Legacy’s purpose is to promote the medical research of cardiovascular diseases. The Legacy may also be used for research or studies of other diseases, e.g. cancer, rheumatic diseases etc.. This year you can apply for funding of scientific travels. Deadline June 2. For more information (in Norwegian).

International TB vaccine symposium

The International Symposium “A new horizon for preventative vaccines against tuberculosis” was arranged in Madrid, May 7-8, and was opened by Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain. The symposium was organised by TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI), in cooperation with the University of Zaragoza and Fundación Ramón Areces.

Professor Harleen Grewal, was invited to speak on the key results linked to the development of a TB clinical trial site in Southern India, led by the TB Trials consortium, and met the Queen in person.

Harleen and the Queen

Public defence week 23

Marianne Øksnes will have her public defence on Friday June 6, 2014.
Trial lecture: Friday June 6, 2014, 10:30
Topic: «Metabolic syndrome and adrenal diseases»
Public defence: Friday June 6, 2014, 12:15
Place: Auditorium 1, BB-building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation: «Glucocorticoid treatment and quality of life in Adison’s disease»
1st opponent: Professor Susan Webb, Autonomous University, Barcelona, Spain
2nd opponent:
Professor Marcus Quinkler, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Poster (in Norwegian)

Seminar – Perspectives in Translational Medicine

Wednesday next week there will be a new seminar in the common seminar series for K1 and K2.

Title: “Molecular classification of gynecological cancers – progress and challenges for individualizing treatment strategies”
Presenter: Helga B. Salvesen, Chief Physician and Professor at the Women’s Clinic
Time and place: Wednesday May 4, 14.15-15.00, Store Auditorium, Central Building.
Chair: Anders Molven

Tea/coffee will be served