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SIU – new calls

SIU is announcing funding for cooperation in five different programs targeting higher education cooperation with the BRIKS-nations, Japan, South-Korea and North-America.
General information about the calls.

The calls:

PEK-funds 2015

Program for evaluation and quality development (PEK-funds) will give out 1,3 million NOK in 2015. The program is two-fold, consisting of a project part (>70%) and a reward part, the Owl Award for good study quality (<30%). The Projects will generally promote the quality of education and the quality of the student-oriented services at the University, and be transferable to other disciplines.
Deadline is September 10th 2014. For more information (in Norwegian).

UH-nett Vest grants for research cooperation

UH-nett Vest is giving grants for research cooperation between the following institutions: Bergen University College (HiB), Sogn og Fjordane University College (HSF), Stord/Haugesund University College (HSH), Volda University College (HVO) and University of Bergen (UoB). The funds will primarily go to projects which already has external financing, where the new funds will lead to cooperation with one or more institutions in UH-nett Vest. Deadline is September 15th. Application must be sent to Lene Bakke.
For more information (in Norwegian).

Announcement from the Norwegian Cancer Society

Nytt logo Kreftforeningen lite

The Cancer Society’s annual main call for research funding for positions and operation is announced. You can now apply for support for researcher initiated cancer research projects in any research field. The projects are usually in the categories basal research, translational research, clinical research, epidemiologic research, health and social research or alternative/complementary research, but any application for cancer related research will be considered.

The application deadline is Monday June 2nd 2014, at 13:00. The Cancer Society will only accept applications sent electronically via the application portal.

Please keep in mind that the system of short-term clinical grants is now extended to all professions whose main position is in the clinic. Moreover, it is now possible to apply for a free position for a longer period than before, up to one year (full time).
For more information (in Norwegian).

NB! Applications to the Norwegian Cancer Society must be approved by the institute. The reason for this is that only projects approved in advance by the institute will get a refund for the contribution margin from the faculty.

Call from Astri and Edvard Riisøens Legacy

mynter-hjerteformet-16-9You can now apply for support from Astri and Edvard Riisøens Legacy. The Legacy’s purpose is to promote the medical research of cardiovascular diseases. The Legacy may also be used for research or studies of other diseases, e.g. cancer, rheumatic diseases etc.. This year you can apply for funding of scientific travels. Deadline June 2. For more information (in Norwegian).

Preannouncement: Nordic Research Programme on Helath and Welfare

nordforsk_logo_jpegNordForsk has pre-announced a Call within the newly established Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare. About 120 MNOK will be shared between three to five large-scale projects, running for five years. The Call will be issued in June with application deadline in middle of October 2014. The pre-announcement aims to encourage Nordic researchers and research institutions to start preparing for the Call in terms of identifying in particular Nordic partners. For more information.

Overview of changes in FRIMEDBIO since 2013

  • Changes for project leaders with FRIPRO-projects over 3 years. They may apply for funding to a new project when it has been underway for 3 years, even if the project is not finished.
  • Changes for Young research talents and postdoctoral fellowships:
    • For Young research talents it is from this year on a demand that there has been at least 2 years since approved dissertation.
    • For postdoctoral fellowship there will now be a demand for a stay abroad of between 3 and 12 months.
  • From this year on, there will be a mobility grant for you young researches in FRIPRO. The grant is for 3 years. The first two years must be at an institution abroad, and the third in Norway. The grants are open for applicants from all fields.

Deadline is May 21st.

More info about FRIPRO here (in Norwegian), det call itself will be active from April 9.
More about Frimedbio (in Norwegian).

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EEA /Norway grant partner requests (contact Corina Guder for utfyllende informasjon):

1.            Jiri Mekyska, Signal Processing Laboratory, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Field: Non-invasive neurological disorders analysis by novel algorithms and data acquisition protocols, methods, tools and systems supporting neurologists, speech therapists and psychologists.


2.            Katerina Ušelová, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Current trends in bioanalysis, namely  protein purification and separation by isoelectric focusing (IEF), isoelectric trapping (IET) and OFFGEL, exemplified on e.g. insulin.


3.            Marius Stefan, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi, Romania

Use of some metabolic derivatives from Artrhobacter nicotinovorans as novels neuroprotective drugs.


4.            Jānis Smilga, Technology Transfer Office Expert in Promoting, Riga Stradins University, Latvia

“Vital tissue less traumatic high frequency alloy technology approach in clinical and field surgery” and development of living tissue welding technology.

Erasmus International Staff Exchange – University of Helsinki

Technical and administrative staff may apply for staff exchange at the University of Helsinki in 2014.  Click here for more information about the Erasmus programme  (In Norwegian).  Click here for more information about the staff exchange with the University of Helsinki .  If you are interested you may contact Signe Knappskog (