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The Cancer Society’s annual main call for research funding for positions and operation is announced. You can now apply for support for researcher initiated cancer research projects in any research field. The projects are usually in the categories basal research, translational research, clinical research, epidemiologic research, health and social research or alternative/complementary research, but any application for cancer related research will be considered.

The application deadline is Monday June 2nd 2014, at 13:00. The Cancer Society will only accept applications sent electronically via the application portal.

Please keep in mind that the system of short-term clinical grants is now extended to all professions whose main position is in the clinic. Moreover, it is now possible to apply for a free position for a longer period than before, up to one year (full time).
For more information (in Norwegian).

NB! Applications to the Norwegian Cancer Society must be approved by the institute. The reason for this is that only projects approved in advance by the institute will get a refund for the contribution margin from the faculty.

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  1. Siv Johnsen Eggereide

    Husk at:
    Søknader til Kreftforeningen må være godkjent av instituttledelsen. Bakgrunnen er at det bare er prosjekter som er godkjent på forhånd hos instituttledelsen som får refundert dekningsbidraget fra fakultetet.


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