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Reasearch presentations from 2014

The research school in clinical medicine invites you to present your work to fellow researchers and the general audience. If you have presented a poster or had an oral presentation at a scientific meeting or a conference in 2014, you are welcome to submit your work. There will be arranged a poster exhibition , january 26-30, 2015 and oral presentations january 29, 2015. Prizes will be awarded to the three best presentations in each category! For more information.

Registartion deadline: 1st of December 2014.

Cooperation between academia and the pharmaceutical industry

Roland JonssonMore collaboration between academia and the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly encouraged, not least through Horizon 2020. This innovative possibility to strengthen the research with our university clinics has not been sufficiently utilized.  The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) may, in this context, provide assistance in establishing such collaboration. LMI represents about 60 membership companies consisting of both international companies as well as smaller biotech enterprises. The companies employ approximately 4000 highly skilled staff where some membership companies also have their own production in Norway.

Demographic changes and an altered panorama of diseases provide the healthcare sector with challenges demanding better utilization of resources, higher efficiency as well as new and improved services. New technology and product development are keys to face new demands, maintain the quality of the health services as well as meet expectations for good welfare services and proper treatments. Within these challenges there is also a major potential for the creation of wealth and innovation. Biomedical and health-related research can meet these health challenges.

What characterizes the current situation? Sure, we have high research activity, but low innovation and way too low inclusion of the private sector. From the HelseOmsorg21 (in Norwegian) strategy we are encouraged to: Increase cooperation between the private and public sectors. More focus on commercialization of research. Increase the number of industrially funded clinical studies. The utilization of health data as a national asset.

The politicians thus have to provide the foundations for increasing the number of start-ups, as well as provide proper development conditions for Norwegian health industry. Simultaneously, the pharmaceutical industry is aiming for higher productivity and scientific excellence. This could be something that our PhD-candidates and post-docs could embrace in their career planning.



As employees use code 470 – Sykt barn/barnepasser (staying home due to child being sick) it is important that information is available that the employee exercising this right actually has a child which gives right to such leave of absences.

If any employee registers absence with code 470 and this is approved and sent in, a warning in PAGA will be generated saying:

“Rejected – no registered child which gives right to this absence” if the employee has not submitted information about children.

The absence is registered, but it will only have status as a warning at PAGA at the payroll office.

To register children in PAGA, use the form “Personal and family information”

New personal webpages for all employees at UiB

The new webpages will be launched in week 42. The present contents on all personal webpages will automatically be transferred to the new pages, and well ahead of the launch, employees will receive an e-mail linking to their personal webpage and access to edit this. Everyone is encouraged to fill in information on research field and areas of expertise, as these webpages will be used by the Division of Communication and media.  You are also welcome to upload a nice picture. For more information (in Norwegian).

Proposals for master projects in medical biology

Do you want a master student? The master program of medical biology wish to have an overview of possible master projects, and asks interested academic groups to send in proposals. The master thesis must give 60 credits and must be a full time study for 2 semesters. A short description of possible master theses must be sent by e-mail before October 1st.

Public defence week 40

barbara_rogge_shBarbara Rogge will have her public defence on Monday September 29, 2014.
Trial lecture: Monday September 29, 2014, 09:15
Topic: «The transition from hypertension and hypertensive heart disease to heart failure»
Public defence: Monday September 29, 2014, 11:15
Place: Aud. 1, BB-building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation
: «Influence of obesity on left ventricular adaption, grading and outcome in aortic valve stenosis»
1st opponent: Professor Renata Cifkova, Charles University Medical School, Prague, Czech Republic
2nd opponent:
Professor Thomas Kahan, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Poster and press release (both in Norwegian)

Successfull skill enhancement days for K2-technicians

Teknikere på seminarOn September 5-6 a skill enhancement day was arranged for technicians at K2. Due to the fact that K2 was a new institute in 2013, the technician group underwent reorganization, and, based on this, reorganization funds from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry were applied for. The technicians were granted 100.000 kroner, and it was desirable to use these funds to arrange a seminar of both professional and social character.

Beautiful autumn weather and a scenic setting at Panorama Conference Hotel, Sotra, created the perfect frame for our programme. Exciting talks with invited guest lecturers, and, not least, challenging team building tasks provided by Sotra Villmarksenter made for a joyful atmosphere and an enhanced spirit of togetherness amongst the technicians.

The committee wishes to thank everyone who participated and made this a successful event!

BTO & Sparebanken Vest’s Idea Competition 2014

Do you have an exciting research project or idea with innovative potential? If so, you can participate in this year’s idea competition! The winner receives 300 000 NOK to help finance the development costs of the project. In order to participate you have to send BTO a short idea description form, and you might be the winner of BTO & Sparebanken Vest’s Idea Competition 2014. For more information.



We wish to invite you all to the next monthly K1/K2 Seminar Series!
Title: “Parkinson’s disease: a journey into heredity, entropy and energy failure”
Held by Charalampos (Haris) Tzoulis, MD, PhD, Department of Neurology, Haukeland University Hospital, Center for Translational Science in Neurodegeneration and Aging
When: Wednesday October 1, 14:15 – 15:00
Where: Main Auditorium, 3rd floor, Sentralblokken
Chair: Roland Jonsson
For more information and abstract.

K2’s annual HSE-Day

Scandic ørnenThis is a reminder that everyone must reserve November 5th for K2’s annual HSE-day, where the focus will be K2’s inner life.
The location will be the new Hotell Ørnen vis a vis the Bus station. The day starts at 08:15 with a session specifically directed at practical work in the lab, risk assessment and contingency planning. From 12:00 the program will be aimed at motivation, with Marco Elsafadi. The day ends at 16:00. Final program and registration will come, but reserve the date.

Opening conference for National Centre for Food, Health and Physical Activity

National Centre for Food, Health and Physical Activity is a newly established resource centre, and is inviting to an opening conference. The conference will take place at Bergen University College, in their new grounds at Kronstad, October 28-29, 2014. The programme for the opening conference features a range of exciting and practically oriented talks within the topics of mastering and physical activity, and food for, and education of, children and youths. The conference presentations will cover new research within the field, various relevant projects, and examples of good practices in kindergartens and in schools. Deadline for signing up: 01.10.14.  For more information (in Norwegian).