Overview of changes in FRIMEDBIO since 2013

  • Changes for project leaders with FRIPRO-projects over 3 years. They may apply for funding to a new project when it has been underway for 3 years, even if the project is not finished.
  • Changes for Young research talents and postdoctoral fellowships:
    • For Young research talents it is from this year on a demand that there has been at least 2 years since approved dissertation.
    • For postdoctoral fellowship there will now be a demand for a stay abroad of between 3 and 12 months.
  • From this year on, there will be a mobility grant for you young researches in FRIPRO. The grant is for 3 years. The first two years must be at an institution abroad, and the third in Norway. The grants are open for applicants from all fields.

Deadline is May 21st.

More info about FRIPRO here (in Norwegian), det call itself will be active from April 9.
More about Frimedbio (in Norwegian).

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