Submission of SFF-VI initiative – deadline May 15th

The faculty is now starting to mobilize for the next call for Centers of Excellence (SFF-VI), which will be published in the spring of 2025, with the application deadline for stage 1 at the end of 2025, while the application deadline for stage 2 is planned for spring 2026. At the previous round of applications (SFF-V) sent UiB 25 applications. Of these, seven initiatives were invited to send an application to round two. Two centers at UiB were funded. The faculty sent six applications, three progressed to round two and one was funded. The central research and innovation department has coordination responsibility for the process. Separate teams will be established for this application round with resources from both the central level and the faculties, which together will provide administrative assistance to the individual initiatives

It is important to map out already now who is planning an SFF application so that we can rig the process forward in the best possible way, and link the initiatives from MED up to the FIA’s support apparatus. In the first instance, we want information about who is thinking of applying. We have prepared a form where the researchers are asked to describe the theme of the initiative and which partners are thought of as part of the centre. You can find the form in this link:

We will link the initiatives to the FIA’s process, but also invite to local meetings.

The deadline for registering initiatives is  May 15th 2024. UiB will earmark stimulus funds that will be distributed in two rounds, the first round being spring 2024.

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