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Cell Press virtual forum on the impact of plastics on human and ecosystem health

Join us for a virtual forum on the impact of plastic pollution on human and environmental health, highlighting the gaps in our understanding of how plastics affect human and ecosystem health and explore what needs to be done to close them.

Keynote speaker Nanna Hartmann (Technical University of Denmark) will be joined by an interdisciplinary panel featuring
Bethanie Carney Almroth (University of Gothenburg)
Philip J. Landrigan (Boston College and Centre Scientifique de Monaco)
Imari Walker-Franklin (RTI International)

Register here: https://hubs.li/Q02m6nKz0

Healthy Economy mailbox

The project “Healthy Economy” is meant to propose measures to streamline the operations of the entire faculty, including both the departments and the faculty administration. If you have suggestions for measures that can improve efficiency or save money, don’t hesitate to submit them here. You can do so anonymously if you prefer. All suggestions are appreciated. The project group is led by the head of the K1 department, Christian Vedeler, and their proposals are due by May 15th.

Read more on the webpage for the project (only in Norwegian): https://www.uib.no/med/169019/sunn-%C3%B8konomi

National Science Week 2024

The National Science Week are held from September 18th to September 29th, 2024. Sign up to participate in the research festival!

Et barn gjør fysikkeksperiment, holder på en elektrisk kule og håret reiser seg

Foto/ill.: Øivind Ganesh Eknes

HEALTH is the main theme
The main theme in 2024 is “health”. Health concerns us humans physically and mentally, but also animal health and health in the oceans and nature are relevant research fields to communicate. UiB has a lot of relevant research to showcase, and we encourage academic communities to be inspired by the theme. However, it is equally desirable for UiB to communicate research that deals with other topics. All faculties and academic communities are encouraged to participate and showcase their research.

We are seeking contributions for this year’s festival
The following events are being planned (note deadlines for expressing interest):
1 Research fair at Festplassen
– Express interest by April 5th
2 School visits
– Express interest by April 5th
3 Researcher Grand Prix
– Application deadline April 30th
4 Research Days YOUNG
5 Other events
– Submit your own events for the program by May 15th.

Read more (only in Norwegian) here: https://www.uib.no/foransatte/17362/forskningsdagene#andre-arrangementer

or for more information contact Kristine Gabrielsen: kristine.gabrielsen@uib.no