Daily Archives: Tuesday January 24th, 2017

Holiday info 2017

It’s time to start planning your holidays. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has set the following deadlines for application for holidays for 2017:

Holiday Deadline for request Fixed holiday
Winter Holiday (week 9) 01.02.2017 15.02.2017
Easter Holiday (week 15) 01.03.2017 15.03.2017
Summer holiday (at least 3 weeks between (15.05-15.09) 01.04.2017 15.04.2017
Autumn Holiday (week 41) 15.08.2017 01.09.2017
Any leftover Holidays 01.10.2017 15.10.2017

Application for Winter Holiday should be sent in PAGA no later than 01.02.2017. Information about holidays and how to register it can be found here: http://pagaweb.w.uib.no/english/5-vacation/
If you have any questions regarding Holidays and registering please contact Personnel Consultant: Linn Christine Meland, Linn.Meland@uib.no, phone. 55 97 29 54.