Daily Archives: Friday January 20th, 2017

The K2 economic report 2016

Per BakkeThe K2 economic report for 2016 is now ready. The main figures for the annuum account are shown here. The overall result was a surplus of about NOK 1.6 million. This was achieved mainly through increased revenue and slightly lower salary costs than budgeted. Before people are now starting to suggest good causes on which the money could be spent, it should be mentioned that this is restricted money. However, most important for K2 is that we are rid of the debt and have a healthy economy.

The second tableof interest relates to the so-called BOA-economy and shows how much external funding the research groups have obtained. We budgeted NOK 79 millions, while the final result showed NOK 83.5 million. About one third of this amount came from NFR and about 10% from the EU. The amount “annen bidragsaktivitet” comprises mainly funding from The Norwegian Cancer Society, “gaveforsterkning” and various foundations. I am pleased to see that we overachieved as to external funding. Alternatively, we were not ambitious enough while budgeting. I think the potential for increasing the BOA activity is great.

The economic situation for K2 implies that for the first time in several years we will not reduce the number of faculty positions next year. I will come back to that