Daily Archives: Thursday August 11th, 2016

New Names

13956943_1072627702831997_1409737136_nIntroducing Katarina Flaskerud, Master in Economics and Business Administration. Katarina started in August 2016 as a Higher Executive Officer in economics at Department of Clinical Science. If you want to say hello , you can find her 8th-floor in the lab-building.

Announcement of residual funds from Epidemic Department Scientific funds, Haukeland Hospital

In connection with the liquidation of the Fund Foundation, the Board has decided to distribute remaining funds, about 200,000, – according to the Fund’s objective.

One can apply for funds for “scientific work on the epidemic diseases poised”, including study tours and equipment related to Infection Section, Haukeland University Hospital.

If you have any questions, please contact alfred.halstensen@UiB.no

Send Your written Application to irene.hjelmaas@UiB.no before 5 September 2016.