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Announcement of project funding for cooperation between Norway and developing countries

SIU announces grants of about 90 million NOK for five-year projects through Norwegian Partnership Program for Worldwide Academic Cooperation (NORPART). NORPART supports educational cooperation and student mobility between higher education institutions in developing countries and Norway.
The application deadline is 5 September 2016 at 3 pm Norwegian time. Continue reading

Access to journals from Lippincott for employees with part-time position at the faculty

Helse Bergen and UiB has had separate agreements to Lippincott journals. Helse Bergen had their assets through an agreement made by the Health Libary, which was completed in January 2016. OVID has stricker access for Helse-Bergen as an institution, which means that even users With UiB usernames and passwords can not grasp the articles if they are conected to Helse-Bergens network. We’re sorry for this situation that makes it harder to get access for Our users. This access issue is national. The University libraries at the UiB, UiO, NTNU and UiT work closely with the Health Library for negotiations with OVID. The negotiations that are taking place are complicated, but we are seeing signs that we can come to an agreement for 2017 and beyond.

To gain access to these journals today, you can do this:
Users with emplyment at UiB have a username and password to the network connecting to UiB

  • If you are in the University’s premises you should have online access
  • If you are in Helse-Bergen’s premises you won’t get online access
  • For Remote access from home you can use the University Library’s Proxy or VPN for more information, click here: http://www.uib.no/en/ub/79506/using-private-computer. Notice that the Proxy/VPN does not work while in the University’s or Helse- Bergen’s premises.

We welcome article orders:

  • via email ubbmed@uw.uib.no
  • via the Library’s search tool, click here:  www.uib.no/ub
  • It’s still possible to order via the UBB button in PubMed, but in the new Library system it will require a login. Then you’ll need a username and password. The username can be found on the Library card, for example: ubb1234567. If you have a password in the old Bibsys ASK can it be used further. Otherwise you can order a password here:  https://secure.bibsys.no/FeideBrukerPassord/index.php?cmd=forgotpass.
    In the login screen, Select Bibsys as Your affiliation

The Medical and Dentistry Library has a high priority on handling questions about the journal when they should be answered as soon as possible. For users without employment at the UiB we’ll send printed copies of articles.

Parking on ”the roof”

13511514_1040558346038933_544500915_nIt’s now a new system of who gets to park on ” the roof ” The new system will be in use from Monday August 15th 2016. This means it’s no longer the first man/woman to get there who will get a spot.

Parking spots 20,21,22,27,28,29,30,31 and 32 are owned by K2. Parking space 26 is reserved for guests and can be booked  the expedition.

All questions about parking on the ” roof ” goes to the one in charge of parking.
If you have any questions you can contact Ingvild Jonsvoll in the expedition, 8th floor (Ingvild.Jonsvoll@uib.no / 55973050)

Invitation to follow-up meeting about the NORPART programme at UiB

The meeting is relevant for anyone who plans to apply for project funding (deadline 5 September).

The follow-up meeting on the NORPART programme will be held at Bergen Resource Centre for International Development, Jekteviksbakken 31 (Juss 2). Wednesday 15 June from 10:00 – 12:00.

The topic of the meeting is what characterizes a good application and we hope that the meeting can be a guide to writing the application and ensure that as many as possible of the UiB applications are granted support.

Plan for the meeting:
*Introduction and welcome
*Presentation of the programme, Hilde Granås Kjøstvedt, senior adviser SIU
*Study Administrative Matters which may affect an application by SA
*Discussion and exchange of experiences so far.

Registration by 13 June: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=2170199

Best regards
Helge Bjørlo og Ana Veronica Cordova