Daily Archives: Wednesday August 10th, 2016

Use Skype for Business 2016!

snip_20160322200021Skype for Business 2016 is opened for use by K2. Several of the administration is already on Skype , including Head of Administration, finance consultants, office for student administration and Ingvild in the reception. It is therefore easier for you to send us a chat for help and questions.  

IT UIB announces the following:
Everyone at K2 will now have the opportunity to run Skype for Business – IMs . There are now many  who got in the system so it would be nice if you contact BRITA if anyone experience denied access to the service. A few may have errors in the e-mail address , this will not be generated automatically . There is a small catch – those who do not have Exchange ( Outlook) will experience the service as not very user friendly . A good option for those will be to switch to Exchange

Employee clothes – Laboratory building

Used clothes for employes are not submitted in accordance with the agreement. This means that the team will  regress from the laundry on certain sizes on some days. This is perceived as stupid and unfair to those who deliver their clothing as they should …

The agreement and the order of ours is based on that we pick up and deliver laundry every day for 1 floor.