Use Skype for Business 2016!

snip_20160322200021Skype for Business 2016 is opened for use by K2. Several of the administration is already on Skype , including Head of Administration, finance consultants, office for student administration and Ingvild in the reception. It is therefore easier for you to send us a chat for help and questions.  

IT UIB announces the following:
Everyone at K2 will now have the opportunity to run Skype for Business – IMs . There are now many  who got in the system so it would be nice if you contact BRITA if anyone experience denied access to the service. A few may have errors in the e-mail address , this will not be generated automatically . There is a small catch – those who do not have Exchange ( Outlook) will experience the service as not very user friendly . A good option for those will be to switch to Exchange

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