Invitation to CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

Dear PhD fellows, Post-docs and others,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the upcoming CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium, August 25th. We present a scientific program that should be of great interest.

For program and registration please consult this link:

If you for any reason cannot open the link, you will also find the program at CCBIO’s web pages, in the calendar.

A highlight of the first symposium this fall is an inspirational lecture by CCBIO affiliate Professor Daniela Elena Costea. Daniela Costea is the group leader of the Experimental Pathology Research Group -you wouldn’t want to miss her talk!

Another highlight of this symposium is an educational introduction to cancer immunotherapy by Kjersti Davidsen, PhD student at the Department of Biomedicine.

Kjell Petersen from the Department of Informatics will share with us his knowledge and experience on integrating data analysis from transcriptomic and proteomic data.

We think and hope the complete collection of presented topics are of interest to many of you, and if you want to attend, we kindly ask you to register through the link within August 24th:

All are welcome to attend, so please feel free to circulate this e-mail if you know other researchers/ staff that you think would find the symposium interesting.

We welcome you all!

On behalf of the CCBIO Research School and the organizers,
Agnete Engelsen and Elisabeth Wik,

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