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Draft for new UiB strategy

Per BakkeThe draft for the new UiB strategy valid for the years 2016-2022 has now been sent out for comments, and the issue will be handled by the university board during summer 2015. The institutes have been asked to provide input to the faculty, which will submit a joint input from MOF. The draft for the new strategy can be found  (in Norwegian) here You should set aside some time in order to review the document.

Some of you will say that this is not relevant for my day-to-day work, and my comment will not make a difference anyhow. This is wrong. The institutes, and the individual researcher, must increasingly provide his/her own funding, and we have to increasingly relate to society around us. Thus, the UiB strategy will, more than ever before, have an impact on our day-to-day situation. Your input will be given weight in K2’s input to MOF. MOF is one of five faculties at UiB.

I will therefore strongly encourage all of you to read through this draft and submit any input you may have to me already by Monday May 4 as the deadlines in this process are very tight.


Client operation on MAC

The IT-Department has offered client operations at MACs for a while. In the near future they will offer conversion to client operations with the IT-Department’s set up to those who have MACs at MOF. Read more about this set up here: (in Norwegian). Computers that are not part of the IT-Department’s client set up will be removed from UiB’s network, but they will still be able to obtain all resources via vpn:,_Virtual_private_network. User support will not be provided for these computers If there is any interest, the IT-Department will offer courses or information meeting before the converting begins.

If you wish to participate at such a course/meeting, please notify


Invitation to Bioinformatics Conference



This is a reminder of the one-day conference on
“Applied Bioinformatics in Diabetes and Obesity”.
Hosted by KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research.

We still have some seats available. If you wish to participate, please register as soon as possible (details below).

There is also an opportunity to listen to single talks without signing up for the conference package.

Time: Tuesday May 5th from 08.00-16.00
Place: Bikuben (new Helse Bergen conference facility next to Haukeland Hotel).

Information and detailed program can be found here.

The subsidized participation fee is kr. 500, and includes coffee breaks with refreshments and a light lunch. Pre-registration is mandatory for the conference package. Send an e-mail to:


Please include name, position and affiliation.


Better organization of UiB’s activities?

Roland JonssonThe Organization Development Project at UiB aims to develop the administrative services so that they support the university’s tasks within research, research education, general education and scientific communication in an optimal manner.  The project emerges from the electoral platform of the rectorate: “UiB should have a culture where all employee groups identify with the same social mission and identify with the university’s core activities”.  See for more information. There have been several open information meetings for employees where the project’s status has been presented. Here are some proposals that will be initiated: Better framework for interdisciplinary collaboration, incentives which stimulate to increased external funding and the establishment of an interdisciplinary BOA-team will be followed up. Recruitment of strong international candidates will be achieved through new recruitment programs. Digital services will ensure easier access and simplified services for students. Common demands for service level and good accessibility to the central administrative services will be developed, and the employee websites will be improved.


The last 4 reports are now on hearing in the organization before the steering group  will evaluate the groups’ recommendations.  One of the most discussed reports have been the report on research education at UiB.  As part of this discussion, a debate contribution was submitted this week: (in Norwegian)




Information from The Norwegian Cancer Society regarding main announcement for 2015

The Norwegian Cancer Society’s main announcement of research funding for positions and operations has now been announced.  You may apply for funding for researcher initiated cancer research projects within all research fields where the short-term or long-term goal is to help cancer patients.  Application deadline is 01.06.2015.  For more information (in Norwegian)

Nytt logo Kreftforeningen lite

Communications breakfast: Researchers in social media

Are social media more than selfies and cat videos?  Can research be communicated in 140 signs?

The Communications division is pleased to invite all employees to a breakfast meeting on May 13, with social media on the menu.  Listen to other researchers talk about their own experiences and get good tips and advice in the process.  The event is free of charge!

Time: Wednesday May 13 at 08:00 – 10:00

Place: Egget, Student Center

Registration deadline: Friday May 8.

Click here for more information and registration form (in Norwegian)

Writing course for researchers

The Communication division at UiB will host a writing course on Thursday June 4 for researchers who wish to spread their word outside the university.  The course is suitable for researchers who wish to write on-the-spot newspaper chronicles, blogs, newspaper reader comments and other texts aimed at an ordinary audience.  Deadline for signing up: Wednesday May 13. 
For more information and registration form (in Norwegian)

Conference – «Applied Bioinformatics in Diabetes and Obesity»

The conference will be arranged by KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research.  Time and place: 05.05.2015 at 8:00 – 16:00, Bikuben new Helse Bergen conference facility next to Haukeland Hotel).  Participation fee is 500 kroner and includes coffee breaks and light lunch.  There is a limited number of seats available, so pre-registration is mandatory.  You sign up for the conference by sending an e-mail to Elin Horntvedt by 28.04.2015.  Please include information on name, title and affiliation. 
For more information


Change in Head of the institute

Per BakkeAt April14th I was engaged for four years as head of the Institute. The previous year has been a special one. Nonetheless, I have received a fantastic support from very many at K2. I am very grateful for that! Special thanks to Eystein who has been the acting head of the institute the last 12 months. He has done a great job. The fact that he at the same time also applied and got an EU grant as a coordinator makes his effort even greater. K2 is facing several challenges ahead. Reorganization of the institute, a new strategy for K2, and the economical status should me mentioned. Also the implementation of the new curriculum for the medical students and the efforts to obtain external funding for research are important tasks ahead. However, knowing how many great people there are at K2, I am very confident that we will make I together.