Better organization of UiB’s activities?

Roland JonssonThe Organization Development Project at UiB aims to develop the administrative services so that they support the university’s tasks within research, research education, general education and scientific communication in an optimal manner.  The project emerges from the electoral platform of the rectorate: “UiB should have a culture where all employee groups identify with the same social mission and identify with the university’s core activities”.  See for more information. There have been several open information meetings for employees where the project’s status has been presented. Here are some proposals that will be initiated: Better framework for interdisciplinary collaboration, incentives which stimulate to increased external funding and the establishment of an interdisciplinary BOA-team will be followed up. Recruitment of strong international candidates will be achieved through new recruitment programs. Digital services will ensure easier access and simplified services for students. Common demands for service level and good accessibility to the central administrative services will be developed, and the employee websites will be improved.


The last 4 reports are now on hearing in the organization before the steering group  will evaluate the groups’ recommendations.  One of the most discussed reports have been the report on research education at UiB.  As part of this discussion, a debate contribution was submitted this week: (in Norwegian)




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