Disputas – Astrid Sandnes, fredag 07. mai 2021

Foto: Ola Saatvedt

Trial lecture:      Friday May 7th at 10.15

Subject:                “Fysisk trening hos den unge astmatiker. Fordeler og risikofaktorer”

Dissertation:        Friday May 7th at 12.15

Title:      “Treatment of exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction. Exploring modalities in short and long term”



  1. opponent: Professor Leif Bjermer, Lund University, Sverige
  2. opponent: Ph.d. Camilla Slot Mehlum, Odense University Hospital, Danmark
  3. medlem av komiteen: Professor Jon A. Hardie, Universitetet i Bergen

Custos: Professor Tomas Eagan.

Open for all.

Digital dissertation



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