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It`s prize time

Now you have the opportunity to suggest colleagues and groups that have excelled in the past year for prizes – it’s prize time! The faculty announces both research and teaching prizes and each department can nominate up to two candidates in each category, except for this year’s publication (that is 2020) where one proposal can be submitted.

The research prizes are: this year’s publication, this year’s PhD dissertation, and this year’s research and innovation environment as well as the dissemination prize. For teaching, up to three prizes are awarded for outstanding efforts in education. Of these, there is a main prize of NOK 150 000 and two prizes each of NOK 50 000.

Nominations for the research awards should be sent to The Deputy Director for Research Silke Appel (silke.appel@uib.no). Teaching award nominations should be sent to The Deputy Director for Teaching Mette Vesterhus (mette.vesterhus@uib.no). The deadline for nominations for all these awards is April 16. It would have been very nice if K2 stands out with many good nominations.

In addition, K2’s teaching prize will be awarded on the annual teaching day 19 May. Do you know anyone who has contributed to extraordinarily good student-centered teaching, or more organizationally; someone who have taken a leadership role and implemented innovative teaching programs? If so, send nominations to The Deputy Director for Teaching Mette Vesterhus us by 10 May.

You find more information on the prizes in K2-news week 12 (https://k2info.w.uib.no/).

REgarding teaching, the Norwegian Parliament has allocated a total of NOK 150 million to universities, colleges to pay students to provide academic follow-up to other students. Our faculty has received about 1 million kroner for this and the idea is that the funds will be used already this spring. Possible use is to pay experienced students to have group tuition for younger students. Here, however, the deadline is very short and the department must send proposals to the faculty as early as 12 April. Proposals are sent to Mette Vesterhus

Hoping for many nominations and proposals.

Eystein Husebye

Workshop “Communicating animal research – why and how”

Learning outcomes for participants:

Increased awareness of the importance of clear, transparent and open communication and proactive engagement with the public on matters relating to animal research. Improved understanding of how to communicate about animal research (e.g. where, what and how). Improved communication skills (including oral, visual and written)



Workshop; Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects

ELIXIR Norway, the Centre for Digital Life Norway and the University Library Bergen are organizing a joint workshop on Data Management  Planning for Life Science Projects on **April 21/22**, including a practical part with hands on help on the Data Stewardship Wizard.

The full program can be found here:



The number of participants is limited to 40 – first come first serve.


Rakel and Otto-Kristian Bruuns endowment

The fund’s purpose is to support medical basic research within biochemistry, physiology, and pathology. Cancer-related projects are prioritized.

The fund aims to distribute three grants of NOK 200.000 to innovative projects in 2021.

Grants are awarded to qualified scientists who are licensed Medical Doctors. Individuals may apply, but applications on behalf of institutes or research groups are preferred.

Grants are awarded to cover running expenses and purchases of smaller scientific equipment

Applications must be submitted electronically via the fund’s website (click here). The fund’s complete call for applications and application form is announced on May 1.

The application deadline is June 15, 2021.

For questions, please contact UNIFOR unifor@unifor.no.

Rakel og Otto Kristian Bruun’s Legat

2021-2022 Peder Sather Center Call for Proposals

Peder Sather Center (PSC) is a consortium between UC Berkeley and key Norwegian universities including UoB. PSC offers seed funding for research collaboration and exchange of researchers across the Atlantic. There is no medical faculty at UC Berkeley, which might explain why The faculty of Medicine has had few projects related to PSC. However, there are still possibilities for collaboration for instance with research groups within AI and biomedicine.

You apply directly to PSC. More information and link to application form is found:

Peder Sather Grant Program | Peder Sather Center (berkeley.edu)

Deadline for 2021-22 applications: June 1st, 2021