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The University of Bergen is 75 years old!

In 2021, UiB will be 75 years old and everyone at UiB is invited to join the celebration, see information here.

The anniversary will have “Knowledge That Shaped Society” as a theme, and will make visible our values, our strengths and our role in society, with the faculties and the University Museum as our most important arenas of knowledge. In the autumn, there will be a separate Anniversary Week 25 – 31 October, with activities and events for UiB’s students and staff, but also for a wider audience. K2 can propose contributions to the f

Faculty that will take this on to the Anniversary Committee.

K2 now asks everyone for:

  1. Proposals for contributions this autumn’s Anniversary Week should be sent to the Head of Research, Silke Appel (silke.appel@uib.no) or the Head of Teaching, Mette Vesterhus (mette.vesterhus@uib.no) by 26/4.


  • Can take place from the start of studies until the autumn and into 2021
  • Can be lectures, podcasts, guided tours, debates, conversations, exhibitions, printed matter, concerts, readings, art projects, chronicles, etc
  1. Not only retrospective topics, but also topics that are current, such as:
  2. What role should the university play in the future in a world with fake news, alternative facts?
  3. What will be the next pandemic? How should society prepare?
  4. How far can one go in replacing human parts?

Hoping for many and innovative suggestions!

Have a great weekend,



(Norsk) Disputas: Eli Skeie, fredag 23. april 2021

Foto: Jørgen Barth

Eli Skeie

Trial lecture:      23 – april 2021 kl. 10.15

Oppgitt emne:                “Forebygger kunnskapsbaserte ernæringsintervensjoner postoperative komplikasjoner? Implementering av perioperativ ernæringsbehandling I små og store sykehus”

Dissertation:                     23 – april 2021 kl. 12.15

Avhandlingens tittel:      “The association between malnutrition and postoperative complications, and the potential for prevention of both”


  1. opponent: Dosent Frode Slinde Göteborgs universitet, Sverige
  2. opponent: Førsteamanuensis Anne Karin Lindahl, Universitetet i Oslo
  3. medlem av komiteen: Professor Anne Berit Guttormsen, Universitetet i Bergen

Custos: professor emeritus Alfred Halstensen

Open for all!

Link to digital dissertation


Dissertation – Sunniva Todnem Sakkestad, Friday April 23rd

Foto: Jørgen Barth

Sunniva Todnem Sakkestad

Trial lecture:      23 – april 2021 kl. 10.15

Subject:                “Global Challenges to effective vaccines for children in the developing world”

Dissertation:                     23 – april 2021 kl. 12.15

Subject:      “Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection and diarrhoea – Experimental infection studies and immunological characterisation to guide vaccine development”



  1. opponent: Professor Frits Koning LUMC, The Netherlands
  2. opponent: Professor II Anne Margarita Dyrhol-Riise
  3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis Bergithe Eikeland Oftedal, Universitetet i Bergen

Custos:  professor emeritus Birgitta Åsjø.

Open for all.

Link to zoom


Day of Immunology 2021

Day of Immunology is a worldwide campaign to increase common knowledge and awareness about the importance of the immune system.

For COVID-19 reasons, the Norwegian Society of Immunology has organized a digital version of the annual popular science meeting this year. Rebecca Cox from our department will have a presentation and participate in the panel discussion.

This year’s theme is COVID-19 and will be hosted in Norwegian.

Torsdag 29. april 2021, kl. 13:00 til kl. 15:30

Registration is free.



Meeting ID: 675 1962 5611
Passcode: 702377

Please click here and here for more information.