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NorDoc – network for ph.d education

NorDoc is a Nordic network of doctoral education in health sciences. The annual Nordic PhD Summit brings PhD students from the Nordic countries together for a PhD conference with interaction and scientific discussions – focusing on Nordic research strengths and how to get the most out of your PhD. The meeting is preceeded by a summer school for PhD candidates but the conference is open to all interested – PhD students, postdocs, supervisors and faculty.

In June 2022 Bergen will be hosting the Summer school and summit. The conference will be hosted the week before or after Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) and the current plan is to focus the conference towards sustainability and inequality in research. This is in keeping both with the BSRS topic for 2022 and with UiB’s strong position in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are now establishing a scientific programme committee and we are searching for members to create the programme and scientific content for the summit and summer school. There will also be a committee for the practical arrangements. We are looking for scientific staff members and PhD candidates. If you are interested, please contact us by 4 June (

The Summer School will also offer courses for PhD candidates, and we call for groups to plan intensive 1-2 ECTS courses for June 2022. Course proposals should be submitted to the PhD programme Board via the departments by 15 October 2021.

For inspiration or registration for the 2021 Summit in Copenhagen, please see


Dissertation – Gunnar Reksten Husebø

Trial lecture:               Wednesday June 2nd, at 10:15

Subject:                          “Astma og KOLS i relasjon til Covid-19 pandemien”

Dissertation:                             Wednesday June 2nd, at 12.15

Title:               “Systemic inflammatory markers as predictors of longitudinal outcome in COPD”

  1. opponent: Professor Eva Rönmark, Umeå Universitet, Sverige
  2. opponent: Professor Jan Kristian Damås, NTNU
  3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis Bjørn Blomberg, Universitetet i Bergen

Custos:  professor Silke Appel

Link to digital dissertation.


Dissertation – Solveig Meyer Mikalsen

Trial lecture:               June 8th at 10.15

Subject:                          “Fastsettelse av referanseområder og beslutningsgrenser: prosedyrer og fallgruver”

Dissertation:                              June 8th at 12:15

Avhandlingens tittel:     “Essential and Toxic Elements Before and After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass”

  1. opponent: Professor emeritus Gunnar Nordberg, Umeå universitet, Sverige
  2. opponent: Professor Bjørn Olav Asvold, NTNU
  3. medlem av komiteen: Førsteamanuensis II Bettina Riedel, Universitetet i Bergen

Open for all.

Link to digital dissertation.



The Government’s long-term plan for research and higher education is to be revised

The Government’s long-term plan for research and higher education is an important, strategic tool in knowledge policy. The current long-term plan will now be revised. See here for more info about the long-term plan:

In connection with the audit, the UiB management has requested input from the faculties in two rounds:

Round 1:

The first round of input for UiB’s part is a dialogue meeting between the UiB management and KD on May 28 2021. In connection with this, the Rector has requested short and general input from the faculties. Due to a very short deadline, the K2 management has in a separate email asked the research group leaders for help in answering the following questions:

What is the most prominent development feature in the faculties’ research / fields?

Answers are requested to be sent to Silke Appel by Tuesday 25 May at 08. K2 makes a comprehensive answer which is sent to the faculty.

Round 2:

In the next round, the faculties will provide input to UiB centrally on the three questions below. These answers should be more comprehensive than those given in the first round. The research group leaders will receive a separate email about this, but K2 asks everyone to submit suggestions for answers to the research group leaders to the questions:

  1. What is the most prominent development feature in the faculties’ research / fields (same as above)?
  2. What is the challenge of the thematic areas in the current long-term plan?
  3. What is missing in the long-term plan? Are there areas, and needs, that are not ‘covered’ by the plan’s long-term priorities and, if so, in which ones?

Answers to these three questions should be sent by the research group leaders to Silke Appel by Monday 21 June. K2 makes a comprehensive answer which is sent to the faculty.

Friday, May 21 at 13-14, there will be a digital start-up meeting for the audit round where the Minister of Education will introduce the ambitions for the plan and the process towards a completely revised plan: -invites-to-boot-fashion-21-May / id2848736 /

Wishing you a peaceful and nice Pentecost!


Upcoming course: Genomics for Precision Medicine (Organiser: Anagha Joshi)

Upcoming course: Genomics for Precision Medicine (Organiser: Anagha Joshi)

This course will cover the use of genetic, epigenetic and transcriptomic data towards precision medicine.

The course is split in two parts. The first part will be about one weeklong and has an aim to get the students familiar

with starting from basic concepts to hands-on sessions using genomics data for precision medicine.

Dates: 14th-18thJune 2021 (online lectures and hands-on) + one week project work

Location: Digital

Lecturers: Anagha Joshi, Kim Brugger, Alexander Lundervold, Sean Banks, Adriaan Ludl, Dimitrios Kleftogiannis

Credits:5 ECTS

Registration and more information –

This weeks edithorial

Spring is a busy time with many application deadlines. Although RCN has changed the usual deadline from June to February, there is a deadline May 12 for the Center for Clinical Treatment Research (FKB). There are several at K2 who are applying. Thank you for applying and good luck!

The deadline for the Norwegian Cancer Society’s open announcement is June 1. We need to get an overview of current applicants to set aside time for budgeting the projects. Feel free to send an email to if you plan to apply. Also note that the funds from the Pink Ribbon Campaign (Rosa Sløyfe) has a deadline the same day with a focus on personalized breast cancer treatment.

Have a good weekend!