Reminder holiday registration and important info about plus time

All employees at the University of Bergen must use the Self-Service Portal to register holidays and senior days. Employees who are to register working hours must do so in the Self-Service portal. Registration in the Self-Service Portal ensures that the employees themselves and their managers at all times have a good overview of holidays and flexible working hours, and that these are in accordance with applicable laws, collective agreements and regulations.

The holiday plan for the main holiday period should be available no later than 1 May and applications for summer holidays must therefore be registered in the Self-Service Portal well in advance of this date. The starting point is that all employees must take a minimum of three weeks holiday in the period 1 June – 30 September, and preferably between the two study semesters.

Note in particular that UiB has two settlement dates in 2021, and plus time of more than 50 hours will be deleted on 31.08.21 (postponed from 31.12.20) and 31.12.21. Overtime and travel time are not deleted. It is important that managers follow up by extracting a report in SAP Insights, see «Appendix 2. Absence overview» for user guidance.

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