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Welcome back from vacation!

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday returning with the batteries reloaded.

At the time of writing, the students have already begun, and many K2 employees are fully occupied with teaching. It is often busy getting started after the holiday. Switching from vacation to a hectic university life takes time. New students means more work at the start. Research never rests. Although many have picked up email and delt with the most urgent, most have probably a lot of outstanding tasks that now need to be sorted out.

On August 21, we had the visit of Rector Dag Rune Olsen, Vice-Rector for Education Oddrun Samdal and Vice-Rector for Global Relations Annelin Eriksen. Presentations were given by Researcher Randi Bertelsen (A New ERC Starting Grant – BRuSH), me (A completed ERC Advanced Grant – SELECTIONpreDISPOSED), Researcher Bergithe Eikeland Oftedal (Innovation in endocrinology), and Professor Stian Knappskog (Personalized Medicine in Cancer Treatment). Afterwards there was a tour of the university premises in the Glass Blocks. It was clear that the Rectorate was impressed with the quality of the research, that K2 alone stands for approx. 15% of all BOA at UiB, and great premises for research and teaching. Thanks to all who contributed.

Good luck with a new term!

Are You contributing to evaluation of medical students?

The National exam committee have funding to attend relevant courses if You participate in MCQ or OSCE exams. You may apply for the following courses:

AMEE: International Association for Medical Education course regarding OSCE (objective structured clinical exam) and MCQ (multiple choice questions) held in Vienna

Great news for those who would like to attend AMEE 2019 – but can’t.

On Monday 26. August from 08.15 am to 12.00, the faculty’s Learning unit will stream live from AMEE 2019 in Vienna. Read more here.

Health Professionals Assessment Consultancy, master class in evaluation (introductory level) held in London

and advanced evaluation course

EBMA: European Board of Medical Assessors, held in Maastricht. Introductory course in evaluation.

Psychometrics regarding evaluation in medical education

Application to be sent to Martha, deadline 1st of September


  • A brief description of Your affiliation/role regarding exams
  • Which course you aim to attend

If these slots did not fit our autumn calendar: The courses will be arranged similar time points next year. You may still display Your interest, use the same mail address and ask for future funding!


Educational refill for faculty staff – mini seminars from the Learning unit, fall 2019

The demands for educational competence for employees in the university sector are increasing. This is reflected in the revisions of current regulations  effectuated 01.09.2019 (Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts). The Faculty of medicine has with their Learning unit (“Enhet for læring”) established an academic community for medicine and health professions education.

As part of our services, the Learning unit offers open, monthly seminars called “Educational refill” targeting all faculty members. All meetings take place in the board room (“fakutetsstyrerommet”), 4th floor, Armauer Hansens building. Schedule with topics can be found here.

The first meeting takes place Monday 26. August from 08:15 am to 12:00, with a live streaming from the AMEE 2019-conference in Vienna. The morning’s theme is “Medical Work and Learning in Transition”. NB: registration  is necessary, as the unit will order breakfast for all attendees!

Participating in these seminars can be included in your future educational portfolio, as university-educational training.

(Norwegian) Utlysning av stipendmidler for Erasmus undervisnings- og ansattmobilitet 2019-2020

Stipendmidler for Erasmus undervisnings- og ansattmobilitet 2019-20 er nå utlyst.

Fristene for å søke om stipend er 20. august og 20. januar.

Mer info om utlysningene:

Mobility agreement for teaching. 

Mobility agreement for training.

European Society for Clinical Cell analysis

This year the European Society for Clinical Cell analysis will be held in Bergen 18-21 September.  This is the perfect opportunity to for us in Bergen to join.
The conference will be interesting for both researches and medical staff, with lecture on new developments in cytometry, mass cytometry, immunology, hematology and much more.

Here for more information.

Reminder: Digital Life 2019

The Digital Life 2019 conference is coming up very soon. There are very few participants from UiB.

The conference will be important to learn about activities in the centre that could also be beneficial for your partner project and perhaps become a source for future collaborations. We have available funding in the centre for research activities between projects.

We hope that researchers from CCBIO will participate in Tromsø. It is free for participants of DLN partner projects to attend if they register within 22. August. It is also still possible to participate with a poster presentation, but the abstract must then be sent to Marie.

The DL Research School still have a few available travel support for DL2019, but be quick…

More info and registration here.

New Names

K2 presents our new apprentice and receptionist Tonje Lomheim.
She has taken over for Marius and has had her first week at K2 this week.
If you have any questions, she can be reached by mail (tonje.lomheim@uib.no)
or phone (55 58 30 50/55 97 30 50). Or you can contact her if you’d like to welcome her to K2. She has office space at the K2 reception at the 8th floor in the  lab building.

New names

Name: Christian Magnus Thaulow. Began as a PhD candidate Spring 2019 and working on a project that maps and analyses Antibiotic use and resistance patterns on children. Antibiotic resistance is “Climate crisis.” The project is a partnership with KAS (Competence Centre for antibiotic use in specialist health services). He can be contacted on email: Christian.Thaulow@uib.no


New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on a search on PubMed that includes articles that has been published over the summer (23.06.19 – 23.08.19, and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 92 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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