Locally sourced educational refill!

On Monday 26th, those who wanted, might attend the AMEE (Association of Medical Education) congress free from any “PLANE SHAME”! By Skype, from the Congress in Vienna, we could attnd the main lecture and the following plenary discussion on “Medical work and Learning in Transition”. Provided with breakfast rolls and coffee those of us gathering in the Board room in the house of Armauer Hansen could discuss our local study organization!

The Unit for Learning continues with providing more low-threshold education: in the same location in the Armauer Hansen’s house, in early afternoon (during 15.00 to 15.45), the following drop-in sessions will be held:

30.09 Strengthening of practice (we host a lot of skill teaching in both pharmacy and medicine!)

28.10 Flipped classroom, how do students prepare for teaching?

26.11 Stringent PowerPoint use

09.12 Longitudinal assessment: experiences from map-evaluation in the 11th semester of the medical study.

And more in-depth pedagogy: do you need PRACTICAL training in using MittUiB / Canvas (the site where we will actually post handouts or literature proposals and create quizzes), or how to create multippl choice questions (MCQ) to be posted in the MCQ-database?

Our “super-user” Harald Wiker has offered to organize hands-on courses! First in line is the pharma environment (who cannot find their former posted files after the site front-page was reorganized..). Could please all group leaders ask their teachers what they need; new employees as well as long-time professors. We will come back with specific time- and theme slots. If these times do not fit with your needs, contact me and we will reorganize.

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