Deadline for registering your summer holiday and happy easter!

Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you that deadline for registering your summer holiday is 1st May. At the same time I would like to remind those of you who are quickly approaching your easter holiday, to please register your easter holiday before exiting the office.

The holiday plan for the main holiday period shall be registered 1st May and applications for holidays must therefore be registered in Pagaweb well ahead of this date. All employees shall as a main rule take three weeks of holiday in the period between 1. June and 30th September, and preferably between the two school semesters.

Please remember that your holiday shall be in agreement with your closest leader and be registered in Pagaweb. I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to do this. You can always change the time of your holiday at a later time, should this be needed.

Wishing you all a very happy easter,

Best regards,


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