Will Santa Claus come this year?

Yesterday some of us were gathered to count down towards the deadline for submitting applications to the Research Council of Norway; 10 – 9 – 8 down to 0. At the deadline K2’ers had send a total of 35 applications to NFR. Thanks to all the applicants and the administration (Amra, Julie, Kate, Kjetil, Linn, Burhan,and Mia) who have all worked towards a common goal – to send the best possible applications to The Research Council. The department leadership is very pleased with the effort. Hopefully we will be inspired to eat another cate as Christmas approaches.

At the same time, we must all be aware that the “eye of the needle” is small, even though we received two FRIPRO, three BEHANDLING and one GLOBEVAC project last year. This might be a national record for a department of our size. It is also gratifying to see that so many of the younger researchers are applying this year. Twelve applications were written by researchers in temporary positions. Altogether 19 applications were written by women and 16 by men. This testifies to the ability and willingness of K2’ers to move forward to be leaders in their fields.

Knowing that only about 1 out of 20 applications are funded, the majority of the 35 will be successful. Nevertheless, the writing process and all the time spent is not at all wasted as it both sharpens the hypotheses and ideas of the scientific project, and because the application can be used for other calls, such as Helse Vest and EU.

Writing applications is a “stone upon stone” process that we, who thrive going uphill, are good at. So let’s hope that success breeds success – and that Santa Claus comes to visit early this year.

Eystein Husebye
Deputy K2

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