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This week’s editorial

Firstly Id like to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that the planning for the research year is well underway and please see Amras, Silkes and Eysteins piece below with respect to upcoming application process and deadlines this spring.

Prior to the Christmas break I had the opportunity to participate in the EATRIS combined platform meeting in Slovenia. EATRIS is the European Research Infrastructure Consortium for Translational Medicine (https://eatris.eu/) and its goal is to support researchers (academia, funders, SME & biotech/pharma) in developing their biomedical discoveries into novel Translational tools and Interventions for better health outcomes for society. It has 5 platforms of expertise, namely; Biomarkers, imaging and Tracing, small molecules, ATMPs and biologicals, and vaccines. The idea of the consortium to facilitate public-private collaboration and provide research services and access to expertise, provide regulatory support and to collaborate between academia and industry in development and validation of novel tools. In particular for those who are working in these areas and planning H2020 applications I would suggest that you contact Eartris to see if they can help you partner with industry for the development of your ideas. University of Bergen is currently a member so please consider exploiting this opportunity to strengthen your applications or development of your commercial ideas.

The University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (BTO), Biomedical Network and Digital life Norway would like to inform you about an IP seminar to be held at Bikuben, Haukeland University Hospital, Monday January 28th 2019, 12:30 -18:30. With a number of exciting speakers this seminar will give you several reasons to engage in innovation, and demonstrate how patenting and publishing both can be successfully achieved, enlighten how to accomplish an impact for your innovation, and Norwegian and international projects will be presented and discussed. Seats are limited so please register for this event. More details can be found here. Furthermore, the organizers are inviting a wider audience to seminars on Start-ups and Innovation mindset and a workshop on Design thinking.

Finally, Id like to remind you about the upcoming research presentations from the Research School in Clinical Medicine (23 – 24.1.) K2 is nicely represented, so a good chance of getting to know what your colleagues have been doing in 2018.

«Run for the money»

We would like to continue our success of granted proposals by Research Council of Norway. This year, additional efforts will be necessary due to the structural changes in the application process. Most of us know that it is an enormous job to complete a proposal. It may therefore be useful to spread the work over a longer period. Proposals are like vintage wine – they can often mature into a product of higher quality.

We would therefore like to encourage you to start preparing for the 10 April deadline. As the previous years, Amra can discuss, read and comment your proposal. Due to limited capacity, we encourage you to involve Amra as early as possible.

–          1 February: deadline to submit a ½ page sketch containing information about the project hypothesis, primary aim and secondary aims, the project plan in bullet points and an approximate budget and project period. On this page you can find information about the project period, budget, etc. We encourage everyone to apply, and remember that if you applied for Helse Vest in the last round you already have a sketch ready.

–          5 February: faculty advisors, including Amra, will arrange a workshop where they will present the new template and provide information about the structure and content of a proposal. The department will serve lunch so we kindly ask you to register before 1 February. Venue: seminar room 8.1 and 8.2. We will start at 09.00.

–          14 February: Everyone who submitted a sketch are invited to present the sketch to other researchers at K2 for useful input. Venue: seminar room 5.1 and 5.2 at 10.00.

–          27 February: the application portal is open and it is time to register the proposal and give access to the economist.

–          March: contact with the economist to finalize the budget during March. That will leave time to complete the proposal with the approaching deadline.

–          5 April: final approval of the proposal and the budget by head of department. Take this opportunity to submit the proposal for the first time. You can keep submitting the proposal until the deadline.

–          10 April at 13: final deadline.

Best wishes,
Amra, Silke and Eystein

(Norwegian) HMS seminar!

Velkommen til et 2-timers HMS-seminar!

Tid: Torsdag 7.februar kl 09.45.
Sted: Auditorium 4 BBB
Foredragsholder: Bente-Lise Lillebø, seksjon for HMS, beredskap og BHT

– HMS og daglig lab-arbeid: bla. avvik, regelverk, risikoanalyser
– EcoOnline og EcoExposure: Bla. informasjon av ny versjon, bruk av EcoOnline, ergistrering av arbeid med farlige kjemikalier

Seminaret passer for alle som arbeider på lab. og er aktuelt for både nyansatte og de med erfaring.

New serviceteam for absence and parental leave at UiB!

Are you planning your parental leave? If so, you need to contact the Serviceteam who will help both you and your leader in this process. The Serviceteam will help everyone who will take parental leave, both mothers and fathers, by guiding them through the applications and their rights.

The serviceteam will also support the units on registration of absence and strengthen the refund-process towards Nav. Read more about the service here (Norwegian).

(Norwegian) Utlysning av Posisjoneringsmidler (POS) 2019

Det kan søkes om posisjoneringsmidler til følgende 3 kategorier:

  1. Posisjoneringsmidler til forskere som posisjonerer seg mot en fremtidig H2020 søknad.
  2. Fagstrategiske tiltak på fakultetsnivå:
  • Deltakelse i europeiske fagstrategiske nettverk og fora
  • Tverrfaglige arrangement i Bergen, med deltakelse fra Kommisjonen eller andre relevante EU-organisasjoner
  • Studiereiser og delegasjonsreiser til Brussel
  1. Kompetansehevende tiltak for forskere og det administrative støtteapparatet ved fakultetene.

Søknadene rangeres og sendes til fakultetet i ePhorte innen mandag 11.februar.

Irene Hjelmaas kan bistå med å registerer saken i ePhorte.


(Norwegian) Veilederlunsj 13. februar

Kalenderoppføringen for veilederlunsj 13. februar er nå oppdatert med innledere og tema. Det er også åpnet for påmelding.

– Prodekan Roland Jonsson om Open Access: “Plan S – an altered publishing landscape”
– Professor Matthias Kaiser, Senter for Vitenskapsteori “Resultater fra en landsomfattende undersøkelse om integritet i norsk forskning”

IPR (Patent)-seminaret 28.1.19

Publishing & Patenting – from research to impact

When:   Monday January 28th2019, 12:30 -18:30
Where:  Bikuben, Haukeland University Hospital

Session 1 – Marion Solheim (UoB)
Session 2 – Yves Aubert (UoB)
Please feel free to raise questions and comments upon registration or during the seminar (www.sli.do, event code will be provided at the seminar).

Free participation, food and beverages will be served.

Seminar program here.

Due to serving and limited seats, please register early here, and confirm your e-mail address as requested.

This seminar is initiated by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bergen (UoB), and supported by UoB, Haukeland University Hospital (HUH), Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (BTO), Biomedical Network and Digital life Norway.

New names

K2 presents Amund Holte Berger.
Amund is a Phd-student at K2 and started 01.09.18.
He has a BSc in Biotechnology from NMBU and a MSc in Biomedicine from UiB where the master-project was performed at K2
In his phd-project Amund will look at the gene expression of APS-1 and Addison’s disease using bulk and single cell RNAseq with his supervisors Stefan Johansson, Eirik Bratland and Per Knappskog.
Amund is a part of the K.G. Jebsen Center for autoimmune diseases and the Genomics Group at the MGM.
He is currently located at the 2nd floor of the lab-building in office 2254.
If you would like to contact him his email is:

New names

We present Øyvind Byrkjedal-Bendiksen who is our new administrative contact for the 12th semester in medicine. His office is at the seventh floor in the Laboratory Building.

Øyvind tries to have an open-door philosophy. You are welcome to drop by if you have any questions. You can also get in touch with Øyvind by email: Oyvind.Bendiksen@uib.no.

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 8 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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