«Run for the money»

We would like to continue our success of granted proposals by Research Council of Norway. This year, additional efforts will be necessary due to the structural changes in the application process. Most of us know that it is an enormous job to complete a proposal. It may therefore be useful to spread the work over a longer period. Proposals are like vintage wine – they can often mature into a product of higher quality.

We would therefore like to encourage you to start preparing for the 10 April deadline. As the previous years, Amra can discuss, read and comment your proposal. Due to limited capacity, we encourage you to involve Amra as early as possible.

–          1 February: deadline to submit a ½ page sketch containing information about the project hypothesis, primary aim and secondary aims, the project plan in bullet points and an approximate budget and project period. On this page you can find information about the project period, budget, etc. We encourage everyone to apply, and remember that if you applied for Helse Vest in the last round you already have a sketch ready.

–          5 February: faculty advisors, including Amra, will arrange a workshop where they will present the new template and provide information about the structure and content of a proposal. The department will serve lunch so we kindly ask you to register before 1 February. Venue: seminar room 8.1 and 8.2. We will start at 09.00.

–          14 February: Everyone who submitted a sketch are invited to present the sketch to other researchers at K2 for useful input. Venue: seminar room 5.1 and 5.2 at 10.00.

–          27 February: the application portal is open and it is time to register the proposal and give access to the economist.

–          March: contact with the economist to finalize the budget during March. That will leave time to complete the proposal with the approaching deadline.

–          5 April: final approval of the proposal and the budget by head of department. Take this opportunity to submit the proposal for the first time. You can keep submitting the proposal until the deadline.

–          10 April at 13: final deadline.

Best wishes,
Amra, Silke and Eystein

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