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It was already mentioned in last weeks K2nytt that the faculty of medicine distributes means to assist with buying equipment or infrastructure. Applications should contain the following:

– Description of the requested equipment
– Justification why the requested equipment is a necessary investment
– Information if the equipment is already available in Bergen, either at other institutes or an older version
– Information on collaboration between institutes
– Information on planned own contribution (normally 5-10%)
– Information on laboratory space needed
– Information on planned service contracts and upgrades, including estimated costs

Applications for equipment which will be beneficial for several users will be prioritized. The completed form is to be sent to me by Monday December 10th, 2018.

SFF-V process at K2

UiB wants the research environments to already now start the process towards a new SFF application round (expected in autumn 2020). They would like to get the names of potential coordinators and topic by Dec 1st. The faculty has asked the institute leaders to come with a list of potential SFF to the instituteleader meeting November 13.

The Research Council states that the scientific quality is the main criteria and would like to see centers that develop new collaborations. At the same time, also gender balance will be important to consider.

It is important to be creative and ambitious and have a complex problem to be addressed by a team of interdisciplinary research. Here is an overview over active or previous centers.

At K2 we would like input regarding potential new centers, minimum

  1. Name
  2. Toppic
  3. Collaborators
  4. Some sentences about the aim/research questions

Please send suggestions to Silke, Amra and Eystein by Monday 12.11. kl 12.

(Norwegian) Obligatorisk HMS-kurs for ledere

Minner om at alle ledere ved MED-fak skal ha lederkurs HMS-seksjonen tilbyr, se under for info. Er kurset tatt før 2013 skal en ta på nytt.

Arbeidsmiljøloven (§ 3-5) stiller krav om at arbeidsgiver skal gjennomgå opplæring i arbeidet med helse-, miljø- og sikkerhet (HMS). Hensikten er å gi arbeidsgiver nødvendig kunnskap om grunnprinsippene i systematisk HMS-arbeid og hvordan dette skal praktiseres i egen virksomhet. UiB har besluttet at alle ledere ved UiB skal gjennomføre obligatorisk internt HMS-kurs for ledere.

Kursene gir oversikt over lovgivning, ansvar og roller i det systematiske HMS-arbeidet, samtidig presenteres HMS-arbeidet ved universitetet der universitetsspesifikke utfordringer og policy belyses, og det gis oversikt over institusjonens regelverk, ressurser og verktøy i HMS-saker relatert til målgruppen.

Målgruppe: Instituttledere og administrative ledere på fakultet/avdeling, institutt og i sentraladministrasjonen.


  • Dag 1: Torsdag15. november, kl. 08.30-12.15: HMS-utfordringer og -policy ved UiB, Arbeidsmiljøloven
  • Dag 2: Fredag 23. november, kl. 08.30-14.15: Systematisk HMS-arbeid.
    På bakgrunn av kursets faglige innhold og utvikling må Dag 1 gjennomføres før Dag 2.
  • Sted: C.G. Sundts hus, møterom A/B, Muséplassen 1

Påmelding her.
Påmeldingsfrist 8. november.

Mer info her.

Free membership in the Nordic Society for Precision Medicine!

We invite you to help us build the Nordic Society for Precision Medicine. The Society is a new nonprofit organisation dedicated to understanding the genomic basis of health and illness, and translating this knowledge into clinical practice. (seewww.NordicPrecisionMedicine.org)

Click to sign up with the ONLINE FORM.

In meetings, workshops, and other activities, the Society will facilitate regional efforts in research, standardization, technology and methods development, training, legal and regulatory alignment, and communication about the potential of genomic research and medicine to improve public health.

In the initial phase of society building, your membership in the organization is free and provides discounted registration to Society meetings and other activities.

Pål R. Njølstad
Member of the Steering group

Lunch-to-lunch CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium Nov. 19-20

Welcome to a special and extended CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium at Panorama Hotel & Resort at Sotra, just outside Bergen. This time we will host a lunch-to-lunch symposium from Monday 19th– Tuesday 20th of November. The CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium is a forum to practice presenting projects, engaging in scientific discussions and interact with like-minded peers. In addition, to enjoy excellent and interesting scientific presentations.

The symposium will start with a delicious lunch, before proceeding with an excellent academic and scientific program, including an inspirational lecture by the experienced scientist, professor and vice dean of doctoral education at our faculty, Roland Jonsson.  We will focus on how to improve scientific presentation skills, both through illustrations and orally, in the workshop; “How to make great figures and present your work in 3 minutes”. Here you will get an overview of “do’s” and “don’ts” from the experts. We will also be inspired by previous organizers of CCBIO JUSS who will give us ideas on the different aspects of life in academia.

Day two will bring research insights and inspiration from Professor Stein Ove Døskeland and his 45 years of research, and Researcher Nils Halberg, representing a young investigator leading an established research lab.

As always, there will be exciting scientific presentations from CCBIO junior scientists, both days, and if you have work that you would like to present, you may nominate yourself upon registration.

The modest participation fee for this symposium (500 NOK per person in double room, 1000 NOK in single room, ask your group leader for support) includes lunch both days, dinner and hotel stay in double or single occupancy, in addition to the organized bus transportation between Haukeland Campus and the Panorama Hotel & Resort at Sotra. Access to facilities are included.

When: Monday 19th of November at 12.00 (bus at 10.15 from Haukeland Campus) to Tuesday 20th of November at 13.00, when the bus departs from the hotel.
Where: Panorama Hotel & Resort at Sotra, just outside Bergen.
Registration: please use this link.
Program: you can find preliminary program on the  event web site  or at  this flyer
Who: This is an arena where PhD candidates and postdocs gain experience with oral presentations and academic discussions, and in addition we are happy to welcome other interested students, researchers, staff and visitors. For those registered for the CCBIO901 program, attending this symposium will count as two regular symposia.

Hope to see you there, for great presentations and a great time!

The Annual Research Presentations by the Research School in Clinical Medicine

Dear Researchers from the Department of Clinical Medicine (K1), Department of Clinical Science (K2) and Helse-Bergen. You are hereby invited to present your work to fellow researchers and the general audience at the 13th Annual Research Presentations arranged by the Research School in Clinical Medicine 23rd-25th January 2019.

If you have presented a poster or had an oral presentation at a scientific meeting or a conference in 2018, you are welcome to present your work at our conference. You can submit one contribution – either a poster or an oral presentation.

Poster presentation:

  • Each poster presenter give a short presentation of the poster to a scientific committee (around 3 minutes including questions from the scientific committee).
  • Posters should be submitted as PDF files. Please check the quality thoroughly before you submit your poster. We will print out the posters on a poster banner.

Oral presentations:

  • 10 minutes for each oral presentation + 5 minutes for discussion.
  • Please send us your PowerPoint presentation through e-mail before the event.
  • Oral presentations held at meetings in 2018 can be presented in their original form, but given that the audience will be a general medical one, it may be wise to include some additional background information.
  • Note: Due to time limitations, there will be a limit of 20 oral presentations. Only the first 20 to submit their oral presentations will be able to participate.


A scientific committee appointed by the Research School will evaluate all presentations held by PhD students and postdocs. Prizes will be awarded to the best posters/presentations. Building on last years success, we will also this year have a “People’s Choice Award”.


Send abstract (if oral presentations) or abstract+poster (if poster presentation) to forskningspresentasjoner.forskerskolen@uib.no. Abstract should be possible to open with Microsoft Word and posters should be sent as PDF. NB: Mark the file(s) and your mail’s subject with your name, the affiliation you have (K1, K2 or Helse-Bergen) and if you are a PhD student or postdoc/researcher. Specify whether you want to have an oral or poster presentation. As in previous years, we would like to have a short Norwegian summary which is easy to understand for the general audience (typically 5 sentences long in a Word document).

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the e-mail address provided above.

Deadline for submission: 1st of December 2018.

(Norwegian) Masterprosjekt i farmasi 2019/2020

Senter for farmasi vil med dette oppfordre fagmiljø til å tilby masterprosjekt i farmasi som skal gjennomføres i perioden høst 2019 – vår 2020.

Dersom fagmiljøene har pågående eller planlagte forskningsprosjekter som kan være aktuelle for mastergradsstudenter i farmasi, ønsker vi at veileder utarbeider et kort sammendrag for aktuelle prosjekter og sender dette til post@farmasi.uib.no innen 14. desember 2018.

Sammendrag/ prosjektbeskrivelse skal inneholde:

  • Prosjektets/oppgavens tittel/arbeidstittel.
  • Navn på veileder(e) og veileder(e)s arbeidssted/hvor oppgaven skal utføres, kontaktinformasjon til veileder/kontaktperson. Alle studenter bør ha 2 veiledere, og skal ha minst en UiB-ansatt (intern) veileder.
  • Kort sammendrag av prosjektets problemstilling, målsetning for oppgaven og informasjon om hvilke forskningsmetoder som er aktuelle i prosjektet. Det skal framgå hvorfor oppgaven vurderes som aktuell for mastergradsstudenter i farmasi.
  • Eventuelt informasjon om hvilke studieretningsemner som er aktuelle i oppgaven.

Studentene på kull15 (20 stk.) på Integrert masterprogram i farmasi ved UiB skal undervisningsåret 2019/2020 gjennomføre en mastergradsoppgave tilsvarende 45 studiepoengs omfang og studieretningsemner på 15 studiepoeng.

Innleveringsdato for masteroppgaven for kull15 er 20. mai 2020.

Studentene skal ha valgt oppgave og inngått «Avtale for mastergradsoppgave i farmasi» om veiledning innen 1. april 2019.

Senter for farmasi planlegger et møte for masterstudentene fredag 15. februar 2019 hvor vi inviterer dere til å presentere deres masterprosjekt. Dagen avsluttes med Farmasøytisk Vinterfest.

Vi ber dere merke av datoen 15. februar 2019, vi vil komme tilbake med mer info om sted og program.

Kontaktperson for faglige spørsmål:
Svein Haavik, svein.haavik@uib.no, tlf. 55 9746 15 / 411 20 797.

Kontakt for administrative spørsmål:
Marte Nørve Årvik, marte.arvik@uib.no, tlf. 55 58 63 58


(Norwegian) Glimt fra den medisiniske historie: boksalg og signering

Denne antologien beskriver høydepunkter fra den medisinske historien i Bergen. Den følger også historien fra antikken, gjennom middelalderen med fremveksten av universitetene, og kampen for vårt første egne universitet. Pionerene fra Bergen Museum og byens sykehus følges frem til opprettelsen av Haukeland Sykehus og etableringen av Universitetet i Bergen.

Boksalg og signering
Tid: Onsdag 7. novermber kl.12.00.
Sted: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, noterommet i 2. etg.
Innbydelse finner du her.

New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 21 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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