Spring’s most beautiful adventure

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29Also this year K2 is going to have a process for support to those applying for NFR grants. The schedule for the internal process at K2’s here and should be read by anyone applying through K2. Note that the internal K2 deadline to submit a draft of 1-2 pages is February 24th for those who plan to apply for the NFR programs BEHANDLING and BEDRE HELSE. The corresponding deadline for other NFR programs is March 10th. Those who comply with these deadlines will be given priority in the K2 internal review process led by Ola Myklebost. One gets the opportunity to present the draft in plenary and get constructive feedback from experienced colleagues which is useful in the preparation of the full protocol. Furthermore, one gets prioritized to support from our research advisors and budgetary assistance from the economic section at K2.

As Eystein wrote in last week’s editorial, it’s not enough with just good ideas. The presentation of the protocol and how to solve the problem you’ve outlined, is important to reach up in the application competition. Our reasearch advisers, Itana and Amra, are ready to help, but it goes without saying that there must be priorities in their use. Eystein will be the prioritizer. This means the inquiry about the help from Itana and Amra, will have to go through him.

The K2 internal deadlines are just around the corner, but the advantage with them is that one is forced to start already now and not wait until right before the NFR deadline. Conclusion: If you inted to apply for NFR this spring, check the schedule and start now. It can pay off!


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