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Clinical instructors

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29The new curriculum in medicine involves as many credits as the old, and as much teaching. This should imply the need for teachers is unchanged compared to the old curriculum. But in some subjects, there is an increased need for teachers during periods of group work session. A way to meet this increased demand is using clinicians at the hospitals. The clinicians could be engaged as clinical instructors at the institute. As compensation they could get access to the UiB’s library services, courses in pedagogy and ability to supervise doctoral students if they themselves should have a PhD degree. In addition, they could strengthen their CV which would be of relevance should they apply UiB positions.

An informal questionnaire session among clinicians at some departments at Haukeland University hospital indicated an interest in such an arrangement. It is important to point out that using clinical instructors is not a pretext for permanent academic staff who could put away its teaching to others. Use of clinical instructors should be an addition to the existing teaching force at the department. Such a scheme had to be approved by the faculty. K2 management will bring the idea of clinical instructors forward to the faculty in collaboration with K.


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