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At it again

Ultrafiolett EysteinSpring will soon stand at the door which means new application opportunities, both for the research council and other organizations as the Cancer Society and Extra Foundation. In addition to FRIMEDBIO Research Council has a number of announcements second announcements, including subprograms TREATMENT and HEALTH that may be relevant for the K2 researchers (deadline 26/04/2017) The Department is now concentrating considerable resources on research support including through the appointment of our new research advisers itane and from April Amra Grudic-Feta. They will be key in the application processes during spring. As dashboard displays makes K2 makes it uniformly good although it goes a bit up and down – but we can always reach us anymore. Biomedicine Hanks in 5 new multiannual projects FRIMEDBIO in 2016, something we may have ambitions to copy.

2013 2014 2015 2016
EU applied 24 15 12
EU granted 2  3 (+1) 2 3
NFR applied 18 19 47 33
NFR granted 5 7 6 6
BFS applied 2 2 0 2
BFS granted 1 1 0 0
Kreftforeningen applied 18? 20 21 19
Kreftforeningen granted 9 11 11 2
Jebsen applied 2 0 2 6
Jebsen granted 0 0 0 *4

* 3 Extensions

The recent review of the applications for small operational funds revealed that application activity could have been better and some does’t revice the small operational funds because they do not seek it elsewhere. With the limitations in the allocation of the size we had not enough applications to distribute all the funds and it is probably one application round Number 2 later this year. There came no applications from department staff outside Haukeland Campus which possibly means that they are very satisfied or may not read K2news.

Therefore, it is also this year

• Sketch Plenary discussions
• Budgeting Help from the administration
• Printing Support from both research advisors and experienced colleagues

To take part in these “support services” it is necessary that applicants comply with deadlines. Participation is also an excellent opportunity to get tested and improved own ideas and help others to improve their applications. To reach up to competition required not only creative ideas, but often also a broad and multi-disciplinary approach to the problem one will resolve and good plans for dissemination and research training. All this can get input and ideas in a structured process where everyone helps each other.