New Year and New Opportunities for Even BETTER Teaching!

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasDear everyone. Medicine 2015 progresses and we will keep the ‘pressure’ up to improve our educational expertise and offerings

We are fortunate to have a dedicated educator affiliated medical faculty: Monika Kvernenes. She helps us to find out what each of us want of further concrete offer educational expertise. It is therefore sent out a mapping survey. If you answer it, we can create personalized programs, isn’t it great? We hope as many as possible answers the mail sent on January 18th, check in your inbox.

April 27th is this springs teaching day. This is a forum with the possibility of concrete practical refills respect teaching. We have started working with Medical Multiple Choice Database for UiB. Hans Flaatten will show us how far this has come, how taxonomy (categorization) heal up and how we can take advantage of My UiB versus Inspera to save / import duties

He has extensive experience in the use of MCQ both the exam but also as “teaser” before the actual teaching ( “Quiz”).

OSCE; Objective Structured Clinical Exam for 3rd year students were piloted for the second time 4th of May. A sample (about 50 160 students) will be offered to participate. Ketil Grong heads the OSCE Committee (thanks for the great efforts here Ketil!) And is now asking for specific contacts of each semester (1 empty 6th semester) to clarify what is taught by current skills suitable for testing examination.

On the teaching day we will review how OSCE work and then go ahead and plan what might be appropriate jobs for the next step OSCE (end exam 12th semester). Skill Centre’s role both to provide skills training but also use the OSCE will be discussed.

We organize offers of clinical practice differently to different departments. At Stavanger University Hospital, they used a systematic program of practice supervisors who highly valued by students. Ragnar Sande will tell about how they have achieved such success.

Can we get better at recognizing and motivating clinicians in teaching work

“Clinical teacher” is a term used by some medical faculty / medical schools. This may involve a formal (albeit unpaid) adjacent to the faculty that gives merit respect any later university employment and access to some university benefits such as access to journal / web resources, training / cultural offerings, participation in educational / other universities courses. If you have suggestions for what can be content in such a clinical instructor / teaching remuneration takes educational officer K2 ( welcome suggestions.


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