Changes in HR Portal / Pagaweb

skjermbildeFrom 2017 all reimbursements to employees will be sent through the HR portal, not just travels. For refunds other than traveling one should use the form “Reimbursement of expenses” and that will give you three alternative types of expenses:

•Compensation for expenses

• Reimbursement of equity services (eksample: internet, tel.)

• Reimbursement of taxable private expenditure (eksample:membership fees and private Subscription)

Receipts will be scanned by the person filling out the form and no longer need to send original receipts in paper form. Expenses are posted by economists as notes on the comments of funds it shall be charged to avoid delays.

There are three payments pr. month: the main payroll on the 12th and in addition approximately 20 and about 28.

Form for payment of refunds to people who are NOT employed by UIB to go in paper form as before.

Recalling also that the main rule is that all goods and services shall be ordered through UIB their ordering system Basware PM. Contact consignor in the group to make reservation.

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