Merry Christmas


Christmas is coming and it is time for a brief review of 2016. For K2 this year has been marked by ups and downs. The undoubtedly greatest downturn was Helga’s death in January. It affected all of us and shows that we are all vulnerable and that we in work and competition for applications, excellent publications and better teaching, must remember to take care of each other.

There have been several upturns in 2016. We have had 26 PhD dissertations. This is more than a quarter of all PhD dissertations at the faculty. Currently, K2 has 147 candidates in the PhD program which represents almost a third of all MOF candidates in this program. Regarding publication activity it is a bit early to say how things have gone this year. I will come back to this upon the new-year. The new curriculum in medicine is well underway although much work remains. On pharmaceuticals there were admitted a record number of students this year, a full 44 which is a near doubling of the previous year’s number. The economy of K2 is recovered and we are going over in 2017 with a surplus. The BOA economy reached the budgeted estimate of 80 million kroners. Fortunately, there are many research groups behind this number. It should also be noted that K2 obtained a new Jebsen Center this year, to Eystein Husebye and his research group.

K2 has now in place a new strategy plan for the three year period 2016-18. It is a mere one page and should be easy to read. Several targets have been reached even if there is any left.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in 2016. Special thanks to our professor emeritus who make a great effort as Custos of the PhD defenses and also contribute to the publication number.

Merry Christmas! Per

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