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Want some funding?

Eystein 2Well, then you must at least apply, and this year the application deadline is January 13th!

The intention of small assets (SMÅFORSK) is to support grouos that doesn’t have major funding, to enable them to start new pojects. SMÅFORSK is a joint funding from the NRC and UiB and it has to be used the year it’s granted. Applicants can ask for coverage for travles, seminars, courses, material, technical and administrative assistance and outher operating expenses. In line withthe intentions, it’s a requirement that the applicant is permanent, active researcher at the Department of Clinical Science. The Department management will emphasize that the applicants have Applied for funding from other sources over the two last years.

Criteria and requirements:

  • The research group by its leader is the applicant and the purpose must be discussed and prioritized within the research group.
  • It must be documented that the group has applied for other external research funding in 2016
  • The funding is for one year and have to be used within the Budget year, as the funds are not transferable to the next year.
  • The funds will be granted to reseach groups that hasn’t had any lage assets already.
  • Documentation on how the funds will be spent must be presented.

Don’t do like he in the parable of the talents that buried this. Use SMÅFORSK to invest in lager future grants.

Good luck !

The Reseach Committee at the Department of Clinical Science allocates funds at the next meeting. Fill in the apllication forms and send them to Siv Johnsen Eggereide

Application form

Deadline: January 13th 2017

Eystein Husebye
Deputy Manager

HSE corner – Who are you?

ssaasaOn UiB’s websites, you can search for a person if you need their phone number, email or other info. It is also possible to post a picture of yourself. This is something UiB wishes that we have on our profiles. Unfortunately many here at K2 doesn’t have a picture of themself, but it is very easy to fix.

You can contact Irene Hjelmaas or Ingvild Lekven Jonsvoll (8th floor – lab-building) to get your picture taken. You can upload the Picture on Your profile at www.uib.no/login. You can come by Thursday December 15th at: 9-10 AM or Wednesday December 21st at 10-11 AM to get your picture taken.