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Distribution of invitation – The Anders Jahre Awards for Medical Research for 2017

Since 1960, The University of Oslo has had the pleasure of annually awarding the Anders Jahre Medical Prizes for outstanding research and results within the medical sciences in the Nordic countries. Since 1965, the prize has been supplemented by a prize to young investigators under the age of 40. 2017 and onwards, the prizes will be upgraded.

The prize sums will be increased, and the awards will be handed out every second year. Please see more information on this here

Over the years, the Anders Jahre Awards for Medical Research have been given to more than 150 scientists. The prize is seen both as a recognition of scientific achievements and as an incentive for further research in the medical sciences. In order to obtain information about possible candidates for the prize, The University of Oslo depends on input from the medical faculties at Nordic universities. Only serving professors of medicine have the right to nominate candidates.

Letter of invitation can be found here.

As stated in the letter of invitation, nominations must be in pdf format and not exceed 3 MB in size. They must be mailed to the secretary of the prize committee, Anette Sørensen. Please use the email address anette.sorensen@medisin.uio.no.

The proposals must be received before February 1, 2017.

Questions can be addressed to the chairman of the prize committee Professor Harald Stenmark. Please use the e-mail address: h.a.stenmark@medisin.uio.no.

Further information can be found here.  The board of the University of Oslo has decided that proposals shall be kept strictly confidential.

Letter from Brussel

picture-23423-1472555091Dear colleagues,

In case you are interested in bringing your research to a European level, some interesting times are ahead of us. First of all, new calls for proposals have been published for thematic area ‘Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing’. Secondly, the European Commission is currently working on the work programme 2018-2020. If you want to have your saying for the content of the topics, January will be the time to do so.

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Information about scholarships

About a year ago there was an opportunity  about a year ago it was the opportunity to apply for grants for post-doctoral studies in human nutrition from Henning and Johan Throne-Holst Foundation www.throneholst.org for entrepreneurial scientific research.

It is also possible to learn about scholarships for postgraduate studies or time for visiting researchers under the research time or on a visiting scholarship to get foreign researchers to come to an institution in  Norway or Sweden to stimulate the internal workings. The next round of applications is in February 2017.

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