Innovation adds value

helgeIt is common to think that the end product of a research project are the publications that come out of the project. Many would add that the popular scientific dissemination of the project results is also part the end product: dissemination provides added value of the project results by demonstrating their utility to the society.

Innovation may also contribute to added value and increased society benefit. Commercialization of a research project is to move from possibility to reality: to offer new diagnostics and therapies to the society, not only lay the their foundation. Innovation is like research a creative process, but with a slightly different focus more geared towards market-oriented application. Both the Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest) and the ERC funding institutions evaluate the innovation potential of a project in the funding application processes, and the Western Norway Regional Health Authority also awards an Innovation Prize.

kineThe Department of Clinical Science (K2) wants to strengthen innovation at the Department by setting goals for innovation in the strategic plan, but also through an established partnership with Bergen Technology Transfer Office (BTO) where a counselor from BTO, Kine Gregersen, will be available in the K2 expedition in the 8th floor every 2. and 4th Tuesday of the month. We hope you find an opportunity to reach out to her. Conversely, she will actively try to find an opportunity to consult with someone in your research group. Please embrace such an initiative if you do not take action yourself, it can pay off!

Helge Ræder

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