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K2 Strategy for 2016-18

Per BakkeThe new K2-strategy for 2016-18 is under development. The strategy plan is based on the suggestions brought forward at the K2 strategy seminar in January. At the seminar the leaders of the research groups and the platforms, as well as the members of the institute council participated. Afterwards, the department management has developed the plan further. The architect behind the plan is Vidar Steen. The plan is divided into sections on research, teaching, recruitment, infrastructure and competence, as well as HSE. Vidar has argued that the various aims in the strategy plan should be Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time specific (SMART). The plan covers slightly more than one-1- page. This is so short that we will  hopefully remember it and make use of it.

The strategy plan attached to this editorial is the current version of the plan. It should be stressed that it is not final. I want everybody, you included, to read it and comment on it. All comments are welcomed. Send you comments to Irene within Friday, March 4th. The department management will then revise the plan and discuss it with the extended management team of the department. The final version of the plan will be approved by the Institute Council.


Internal announcement of UNESCO Professorship

UNESCOAs you known, UiB has signed an agreement with UNESCO about a UNESCO Chair at the University of Bergen, which will be organizationally affiliatied with the Centre for the Studies of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT) at the Faculty of Humanities. Only permanent employees are eligible to apply, and the position is therefore advertised internally.
See SVT’s website using this link.

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