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New and simpler e-mail address for all employees

In order to simplify and adapt UiB’s e-mail system to new and improved services, abbreviation to unit/department/area will be removed from the e-mail addresses.  All new e-mail addresses will end with  All employees in the central administration have already obtained, and on March 12 all other employees at UiB will also obtain the new e-mail address.  NB! The old e-mail address ( will still work!  Persons with similar names will be contacted by the IT-department either via e-mail or via phone.
Here you can read more about the Project (in Norwegian)

Spring is here – with some exciting challenges

Roland Jonsson

One of the more exciting and challenging adventure this spring has now started, namely the process of creating competitive applications to the NRC FRIMEDBIO program. Some have even called it “The most beautiful adventure”. Inspired by the great success in 2014, with a success rate of approximately ¼ of our submitted applications (a total of 5 projects among our research groups at K2), more should take up this thread. This week we started up with information meetings, together with our research coordinator, and some had even responded with submitted sketches. There is now a plan to follow this up, towards the deadline for final submission the 27th of May at 13.00 hours. Also see the K2-News from week 9 for more details. What makes it even more tempting to apply this year, is that it now comes a joint effort “fellesløft” which provides support via UiB for those who achieve high grades, but not getting grant support from RCN.
Isn’t this tempting?

I will also remind you that those who will go for a new SFF-round, should contact the Institute management for planning/dialog. There is an internal process at MOF with deadline April 1 with a 3-page sketch, CV of leader etc.

Another exciting, yet challenging process for the department since it ties up costs in the long run, is the coming announcement of the recruitment program to Bergen Research Foundation. The deadline is the10th of April for prequalification. Please contact the Institute management regarding your plans.

But the most impending announcement is for the Foundation KG Jebsen
Here The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Haukeland University Hospital jointly invite to a prequalification of a 2-pages outline and resume for the centre conductor with a deadline of March 13. Please inform the department management regarding your plans.

Hope some of this tempts you!









“The Digital Patient”, seminar

The digital life has greater and greater influence on our lives. It creates a greater distance between you as a patient and health care?
How can large amounts of data are used to improve treatment for you as a patient? Can an app prevent malnutrition? Can data analysis help us in the fight against cancer?

Date: 7th March 2015 Time: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Location: Old Assembly, Karl Johans gate 47, University Square, Oslo
Organizer: Faculty of Medicine, University 
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FORNY2020 – BTO fundings

Researchers in Bergen now have the opportunity to apply for several million in funding from the Research Council for projects with commercial slant. Verification Means is a golden opportunity to raise funds to carry out testing, scale-up and continuation or further development of your research project regardless of disciplines. Programme in FORNY2020 has adopted an additional announcement of verification means spring 2015.Please contact BTO soon as possible and no later than 9 March for initial project discussions.  Read more.


Call SPIRE funds in 2015

UiB announces strategic funding for international research and educational cooperation,
Strategic Programme for International Research and Education (SPIRE). The program will support the University’s strategy and action plan for the international Activity 2011-
2015. Deadline April 23, 2015   Read more (in Norwegian only)

Søker forslag til særoppgaver fra de kliniske institutt!

Så langt i 2015 er det ikke meldt inn NOEN forslag til særoppgaver for medisinstudentene fra de to kliniske instituttene.

K2-ledelsen oppfordrer våre vitenskapelig ansatte på det sterkeste til å komme med oppgaveforslag i vedlagte mal og sender det snarest til:

 Vi minner om at:
“Alle vitenskapelige ansatte ved fakultetet har plikt til å veilede minimum én student med særoppgave annet hvert år. Ansatte i bistillinger, engasjementstillinger og ansatte ved Haukeland Universitetssjukehus har rett, med ikke plikt til å veilede studenter. En særoppgave skal ideelt sett skrives mellom 3-5. studieår, over en ca 2-års periode.”

Public defence Week 11

Lisa Drange HoleLisa Drange Hole will have her public defence on Friday March 13, 2015
Trial lecture: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.09.15
Topic: ”Terapeutiske muligheter for å redusere toksiske effekter av medikamenter på hjertet ”
Place: Auditorium 1, Bygg for biologiske basalfag, Jonas Lies Vei 91
Public defence: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.11.15
Place: Auditorium 1, Bygg for biologiske basalfag, Jonas Lies Vei 91
Title of dissertation: ”Cardiotoxicity of Doxorubicin. A study of Methods and protective interventions in Rat Models”
1st opponent Professor Odd Brsrs, Universitetet i Oslo
2nd opponent Professor Ellen Aasum, Universitetet i Tromsø

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Public defence Week 11

Liv Cecilie Vestrheim ThomsenLiv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen will have her public defence on Friday March 13, 2015
Trial lecture: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.09.15
Topic: ”The immune system’s response; a common denominator in preecampsia and cardiovascular disease”
Place: Kvinneklinikken auditorium, Jonas Lies Vei 72
Public defence: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.11.15
Place: Kvinneklinikken auditorium Jonas Lies Vei 72
Title of dissertation: ”Preeclampsia: Specific genetic risk factors and shared predisition with cardiovascular disease”
1st opponent Professor Stefan Hansson, Lunds Universitet, Sverige
2nd opponent Professor Kristian Hveem, NTNU, Trondheim

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  1. 1. European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, Brussels 9-10 March 2015
  2. Nye metoder for prediksjon av negative helseeffekter som følge av miljøgifter. Litteraturhuset i Oslo, i regi av programmet Miljøpåvirkning og helse. 17 March 2015
  3. The 9th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research. How can research inform the post-2015 agenda for women’s and children’s health and rights? 17-18 March 2015, Oslo.
  4. DIA 27th Annual Euro MeetingDevelopment, Innovation, Access and Patient Safety. Issues across the entire drug development value chain. 13-15 April 2015, Paris, France.

NY! 5. Driving forces behind research and innovation. The Focus on Business Seminar 2015: From curiosity to success. Oslo, 21 April

NY! Lenke 6. BIO-NANO match-making seminar for new joint Call on industry-relevant research in autumn 2015 (NANO2021 and BIONÆR). Oslo, 21 April

NY! 7. Hvordan bli professor i Norge? Information and discussion about the path to professorship. Oslo, 27 April

  1. 2nd EATRIS conference: Building Bridges in Translational Medicine. Amsterdam 27-28 May 2015