Public defence Week 11

Liv Cecilie Vestrheim ThomsenLiv Cecilie Vestrheim Thomsen will have her public defence on Friday March 13, 2015
Trial lecture: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.09.15
Topic: ”The immune system’s response; a common denominator in preecampsia and cardiovascular disease”
Place: Kvinneklinikken auditorium, Jonas Lies Vei 72
Public defence: Friday March 13, 2015, kl.11.15
Place: Kvinneklinikken auditorium Jonas Lies Vei 72
Title of dissertation: ”Preeclampsia: Specific genetic risk factors and shared predisition with cardiovascular disease”
1st opponent Professor Stefan Hansson, Lunds Universitet, Sverige
2nd opponent Professor Kristian Hveem, NTNU, Trondheim

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