Focus and structure for skill training

Eva GerdtsAfter the termination of the medical student internships, a natural arena for skill training has disappeared. Our newly trained doctors are authorized upon completing the professional curriculum and passing the exams. The government, employers and patients all have expectations regarding what procedures a newly trained doctor should be able to perform. This places new demands on the skill training incorporated in the teaching of medical students. Harmonized demands regarding what skills should be incorporated in the professional medical school is currently being worked out. The construction of a new skill center at MOF has high priority at the Dean’s Office. K2 has the academic responsibility for the skill center. In order to promote the teaching activities being done at the skill center, as well as provide better follow-up of student teachers employed at the skill center, K2 has, together with K1, appointed an academic supervisor group for the skill center. The group is led by Professor Sverre Lehmann. He is joined by experienced teachers from both K2 and K1. I am convinced that this academic supervisor group will contribute to an increased focus on skill training. At the same time it is important to emphasize that not all skill training should, could, or will be performed at the skill center, but a lot must also be integrated in our own teaching at bed post, laboratory or outpatient clinic. Not least are the practice periods at collaborating teaching hospitals very important arenas for documenting that key skills have been acquired.


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