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Cecilie Svanes awarded COPD Prize from LHL

cecile_svanes_1Yesterday, Professor Cecilie Svanes (Centre for International Health at Department of Global Health and Primary Care) received the COPD Prize from The National Organization for Heart- and Lung Disease (LHL). Svanes is, among other things, currently researching how the living conditions of grandparents and parents may influence the development of asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in children. Read more here: (in Norwegian)

Announcment of funds available for research on new methods for teaching and learning at UiB

Funds are available for research on new methods for teaching and learning at the University of Bergen (Shipowner Jacob R. Olsen and wife Johanne Georgine Olsen’s foundation).

All PhD-Candidates and students may apply. More information is available
here (in Norwegian).

Application deadline is December 1. Application database

Credit for teaching at Bergen Summer Research School

Rector’s Office wishes for scientific employees teaching at Bergen Summer Research School to receive credit for this in the teaching records just as with any other teaching. Click here to read the letter from Rector’s Office (in Norwegian). The Faculty wishes for the institutes to provide input on this matter If you have any input please e-mail to
Synnøve Myhre

Academic-Pedagogical Day at UiB

On Friday February 6, 2015, the annual Academic-Pedagogical Day for lecturers will be arranged. Here the latest in research from UiB will be presented, and this is a great arena to promote the work we do here at K2! The contributions could be ordinary lecturers of one to two hours duration, but you may also choose to put together a series of lectures or a mini seminar within an academic field or topic. Contributions should be registered via this link or to fp-dag@adm.uib.no   Think widely and creatively; (almost) everything is allowed!