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Election Spring 2017

To staff in group C – candidate for the university board from K1 / MOF

Elections of Group C members from Group C start Monday May 8th, and Jorunn Skei from K1 will nominate. She hopes to raise and represent this important and highly competent group of technical and administrative staff at MOF / UiB.

Here is Jorunn’s candidate presentation:

With this election, you have 9 candidates to vote – use the right to vote::

New names

dsc_0324We present Camilla Krakstad, MSc, PhD from the University of Bergen. Camilla began in April 2017 as a Professor and Group Leader of the Research Group for Gynecological Cancer at K2 / KK. She will continue the group’s focus on genetic studies and biomarkers for improved treatment of patients with gynecological cancer. If you want to say hi, you can find her in 4th floor at KK. ”

Guest speaker / Invitation to a seminar on “Alginate in cell transplantation and tissue engineering

We have the pleasure of hosting Prof. Berit L. Strand from the Norwegian university of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. She will present important structure-function relationships of alginates and results from the use of alginate in the fields of islet encapsulation and tissue engineering. Her talk will be entitled: “Alginate in cell transplantation and tissue engineering”.

Alginate, a polysaccharide from seaweed, is known as a biocompatible polymer that form gels at physiological conditions, which makes it a popular material for cell encapsulation and tissue engineering. Alginate based capsules is proposed for immune protection of cells upon transplantation, e.g. insulin producing tissue for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

Date:  Thursday 4th of May

Time:  11:30 – 12:00 + discussions

Place:  BUS1: Meeting-room 6132 Aarskogsalen

New names

18052967_1319147584846673_870994871_nWe present Amra Grudic-Feta, a new research adviser at the Department of Clinical Science. Amra has her background from Department of Biomedicine and will be the administrative support in various parts of the research administration. If you want to say hi, you can find her on the 8th floor of the laboratory building

How to succeed with research at the Department of Clinical Science?

Ræder_portrettFirst you have to define your specific scientific goals and a reasonable time frame. The goals and time frame are perhaps most clearly formulated for the graduate students: One need to publish at least three papers within one´s field of interest and write a Thesis within the doctoral time frame. It is perhaps less clear what the goals are, if you are postdoctoral fellow or a younger researcher who would like a successful career in science, but a friend in Boston used to say that within the postdoctoral time period one should try to achieve the following three goals: to carry out interesting and publishable experiments, to publish a good paper, and obtain an independent grant. He also believed that these three goals were part of a cycle where they reinforced each other’s chance mutually: You do not get grants without papers, and you do not get papers without experiments and you do are not able to carry out experiments without any form of funding.

Portrett disputas på Det medisinsk-odontologiske fakultet,

Amra Grudic-Feta

Somewhere in the cycle, however, you need to jump in, and here we hope that a new initiative from the Department can come to your assistance: The Department has defined its goals for better research in the Strategy Plan, and in June we will employ a research consultant, Amra Grudic-Feta, who will help us reach several of these goals. In particular, she will contribute towards four of the defined goals:

– in the structured approach for writing grant applications (F2),

– in follow-up of grant calls as well as publication of these in K2News (F2),

– as a resource that can help career counseling and career research education (RIK1), and

– as a contact point (catalyst) who may help scientists navigate to find the desired advanced equipment and expertise within the Department (RIK2).

We wish Amra welcome to the Department and hope she can help you to reach your goals.



Ultrafiolett EysteinInnovation was one of the topics discussed at the spring’s strategy meeting. In collaboration with the The Department of Biomedicine, we follow up on the matter with a joint seminar on Innovation and biotechnology. May 11th, Professor Ulf Landgren from Uppsala University will hold two seminars on “Innovation and biotechnology” and “Molecular tools for high performance analyzes of proteins and nucleic acids”, the latter is held as a BBB-seminar. It also gives the opportunity to speak with Landgren in smaller groups.

Ulf Landgren delivers a number of inventions that are commercialized successfully, including Padlock method for amplification of DNA and “proximity ligation” that provides ultra-sensitive detection of molecules. The latter method led to the creation of the company OLink (

Mark the day in your calendar already now

Good innovative weekend


Public PhD Defence, week 13

Full page photoIda Wergeland  will defend her PhD thesis on Thursday, March 30th, 2017
Trial lecture: Thursday, March 30th, 2017 at 11:00  AM
Topic:  ”M.tuberculosis versus human immunity: who wins the Battle and why?”
Place:  Large auditorium, Main building, Haukeland University Hospital, Jonas Lies vei 65.
Public defense: Thursday, March 30th, 2017 at 1:00 PM
Place:  Auditorium 1, BB – building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation:  ”Immune cells and soluble immune markers in different stages of tubercuosis. Potential biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment efficacy”
1st opponent: PhD Delia Goletti, Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Italy
2nd opponent: Associate professor Susanne Dam, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Press release (only in Norwegian)

Public PhD Defence, week 12

ding_yunpeng_24_03Yunpeng Ding will defend his PhD thesis on Friday March 24th 2017
Trial lecture: Friday March 24th 2017 at 10:15 AM
Topic: Genetic polymorphisms and biochemical mechanisms related to One Carbon Metabolism and cardiovascular disease”
Place: Auditorium 1, BB building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Public defense: Friday March 24th 2017 at 12:15 PM
Place: Auditorium 1, BB building, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation:“MTHFD1 and relevant biomarkers in cardiovascular disease. Observational studies in patients with suspected stable angina pectoris in Norway”
1st opponent:PhD Kristina Pentieva, Ulster University, United Kingdom
2nd opponent:Professor Nicholas Greene, University College London, United Kingdom

Press release (in Norwegian)

CCBIO symposium 19–20 April 2017

CCBIO cordially invites you to their 5th CCBIO Annual Symposium at Solstrand 19-20 April 2017. The symposium in beautiful surroundings at Solstrand facilitates that students and researchers can make new contacts and catch up on the latest cancer research in their field. Don’t miss out!

The CCBIO symposium is a combination of invited, renowned international and national speakers and two long poster sessions during which younger researchers present their research. International speakers include the chairman of the Nobel Foundation, Carl-Henrik Heldin, and also John Heymach, Angela Nieto, Robert Gale, Jean-Christoph Bourdon, Krister Wennerberg, Diane Bielenberg, Salem Chouaib, Frederic Amant, Janine Terra Erler and Jeanette Woods. In addition you will get to hear from CCBIO researchers and other national cancer researchers, as well as young and upcoming investigators.

Make sure to register before the hotel is fully booked, and within the deadline 19 March. CCBIO looks forward to welcoming you!

You will find program and registration link at

New Art faculty at UiB

bakke0x2c_per_0x2830x29University of Bergen got a new faculty on January 1st 2017 . The offcial name is Faculty of arts, music and design. It consist of the former Bergen National Academy of the Arts and the Greig Academy. The main purpose of the new faculty is education, artistic development, research and dissemination of art, music and design.

It’s just appointed a faculty director of the new faculty. It’s a person we here at K2 know well. Check who it is here.

Why does the the new faculty affect us at K2? For several reasons. Firstly because music and art has the potential to be used as a part of patient care, or to improve patients’ quality of life. Secondly, because art and design can be used to enhance both research applications and articles. Whether it concerns an application or a publication wishes to sell a message, and the phrase ”a picture tells a thousand words” is still valid. Thirdly, by working with people who are good in the audiovisual expression, we can better dissemination which is one of our main tasks, whether it involves the disclosure of our business in general or procurement of an application. Finally, we must be immodest enough to say maybe we can add something to the new faculty.

There is an increasing requirement to provide funds from externally. To do that, we need to think outside the box. One way is to seek cooperation with the people at the new Facutly of Arts from the points mentioned above.



BSCC seminar – March 8th 2017

We wish everyone welcome to the next BSCC seminar, Wednesday 8th of March room B302; main building (sentralblokken), 14:30-15:30.

By Oddbjørn Straume, Hanne Dillekås og Siddharth Shanbhag :
“Escape from tumor dormancy in breast cancer. Role of post-operative wound healing”

More information here.

Public PhD Defence, Week 10

Richard DaviesRichard Allan Davies will defend his PhD thesis on Thursday, March 09th, 2017
Trial lecture: Thursday, March 09th, 2017 at 10:15
Topic: “Biologicals and biosimilars in treatment of inflammatory diseases – their use and criteria for switching”
Place: Auditorium 1, BB-bygget, Jonas Lies vei 91
Public defense: Thursday, March 09th, 2017 at 12:15
Place: Auditorium 1, BB-bygget, Jonas Lies vei 91
Title of dissertation: “Flow cytometry based analyses as a tool in biomarker discovery for patient stratification in primary Sjögren’s syndrome
1st opponent: Professor Kjetil Taskén, Universitetet i Oslo
2nd opponent: Ph.d. Marit Inngjerdingen, Oslo Universitetssykehus

Press release (in Norwegian)

Free space on the course of the Research and Guidance Hot Moments

It’s some vacant Places avaliable on the course in the Research guide which starts next week:
Dates: March 7th, 8th and 9th– register here:

It”s also some vacant Places available on the course Hot Moments in Teaching and Learning
Dates: March 28th, 29th and 30th– register here:

For more information click here:åre-kurs

Who gets this year’s teaching award?

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasTeaching is one of our core activities and we want it to be given good education at K2. Pedagogical skills will be emphasized when recruting academic positions and salary negotiation.

Conversion to Medicine in 2015 an enormous boost, thanks to everyone who helps out in both in semester boards and as educators and administrators! Also thanks to those who are Department mentors for students in early practice (this is where we can lay the foundation for an interest in Our own Field and emerge as good role models) as well as those who have taken on the leadership of their own mentor Groups.

Teaching the new curriculum be restructured from substantial traditional cathedral lectures to considerably more varied and student activating teaching methods.

Are you familiar with educational activities / principles PBL, TBL, flipped classroom or case-based teaching? Otherwise, I recommend educational foundation or any of the other courses at educational Department UiB (for example: Hot Moments in Teaching and Learning). Lectures will of course not be abolished but it has been shown that VARIETY in educational activities promote learning and that different teaching methods should be “tailored” to the kind of skill that must be learned. Then comes the concept of learning. Once it’s clear to us what we want the student to learn with the teaching tools at your disposal can then choose the best teaching Method.

At this year’s Teaching Price (NOK 50,000!), We want to honor an educator or an educational environment that has shown great interest in implementing new teaching; New study with other education than we have had in the past, new teaching methods, developed new courses (for example elective courses); Thus INNOVATION in education.
I would like to have nominated candidates, send reasoned proposals for me on within March 10th!

Multiple Choice Database (MCQ) is being established, we have started testing data solution. It’s only for all educators to initiate to create tasks from their individual topics: a small case history with one more question and four alternative answers there ONE answer should  clearly be the best. We must add validation / comment for at least one of the available options. If each of us makes A puzzle of each lecture / group we teach the database will be kept up in volume. Questions should be validated by another teacher than yourself and happily send it to a student (who have finished the current installment) or a newly appointed assistant doctor who can ensure that the questions are relevant to the target group of students (and not just for the enthusiast professors …). Good luck!

And remember Teaching Day 27th April!






HSE corner – digital sick leave certificate

3316958NAV is working to digitize the sick leave certificate, making it easier for everyone involved in a absence interact. The goal is to have a digital solution avaloable for all during 2017. Parts of the digital solution is already being used by many People on sick leave, but can not yet fully be used by employees at UiB.

Read more here (only in Norwegian)

Nomination for 2017 Johnny Ludvigsson Prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes.

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation is pleased to announce that nominations are now welcome for candidates for the 2017 Johnny Ludvigsson Prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes.

Please see the enclosed pdf filefor further details.

If you have any questions, please contact the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation office by telephone +46 13 105690, or e-mail

New names

16976489_1260089977419101_656364950_nIntroducing Ingeborg Eskerud, and research line at the University of Bergen. Ingeborg began in January 2017 as a Ph.D. fellow at Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group. She will work on imaging of the coronary arteries of heart patients with chest pain, under the guidance of May Tone Salary Bakken and Eva Gerdts. If you want to say hello you can find her in the 9th floor of the lab building.

New Names

hanna-f-skjakodegard-_001Introducing Hanna Flækøy Skjåkødegård, special physical therapist with a masters degree in clinical health science-obesity and health from NTNU. Hanna started as a Ph.D fellow at K2 on February 1st 2017 and has Pétur B. Júlíusson as supervisor. Hanna’s PhD project is based on FABO study (family-based cognitive behavioral treatment for children and adolescents with severe obesity) that in the years 2014-2018 conducted at Clinic for overweight, Haukeland University Hospital. If you want to say hello to Hannah her office is in the 6th floor in the new children hospital (BUS 1).