HSE non-conformities

Reporting on adverse events in an incident report is important for the continuous HSE work at K2. When we report incidents, it helps to reduce the extent of damage, prevent new events, and raise awareness. Incident reports can also lead to changes in, among other things, routines and infrastructure. The incident reports are also reviewed by the faculty’s HSE committee and the Working Environment Committee at UiB.

Therefore, everyone is encouraged to report HSE incidents.

Visit this page and familiarize yourself with how to report HSE incidents and why this is important:https://www.uib.no/en/hms-portalen/147849/report-hse-non-conformities#what-are-hse-non-conformities-

Note: Damages to buildings owned by HUS should not be reported here. Please report them to the Facilities Management/Technical Customer Center at 77100@helse-bergen.no

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