Daily Archives: Friday April 26th, 2024

Reflections on an Exciting Journey at K2

As my time as the Head of K2 comes to an end, I feel both nostalgia and gratitude. These past six years have been a whirlwind of challenges, triumphs, and camaraderie – a journey that has left deep marks on our department.

A Pattern of Outstanding Achievements

Our department is like a vibrant pattern woven from various disciplines. From medical education to pharmacy and nutrition, we have nurtured the minds of countless students, shaped their futures, and instilled in them a high standard of quality. Our professors and associate professors – 52 steadfast individuals in permanent positions and 79 dedicated souls in part-time roles – form the threads of this network, enabling us to provide our students with education that will carry them safely into their professional lives.

The unsung heroes

But let us not forget the less visible heroes – the 171 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who tirelessly work in the laboratories, unravel mysteries, and push the boundaries of knowledge. Their passion drives our research, and their curiosity propels us forward. To them, I extend my deepest gratitude.

Groundbreaking Discoveries

Our journey has been marked by milestones. We have stood on local podiums, received well-deserved awards, and national and international recognition has affirmed our collective efforts. We have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries why our research graces the pages of prestigious international journals, including the Nature family.

The magic of translation

Our research is more than data points – it is a bridge between the laboratory and the hospital bed. Always keeping the patient in mind, we work toward solutions that matter. And it is this delicate balance between science and practice, between molecules and medicine, that ultimately turns hypotheses into hope – into improved diagnostics and treatment for our patients.

Facing the storms

Yes, there have been storms. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges have tested our resilience. But like seasoned sailors, we have adjusted our sails and navigated through turbulent waters. And amidst it all, the spirit of K2 remains unwavering – a beacon of collaboration.

Gratitude prevails

Today, as I stand at the threshold of a new chapter, my heart is filled primarily with gratitude. To the technicians fine-tuning our instruments, the young researchers dreaming big, and the professors sparking curiosity. And let us not forget the unsung heroes – the administrative warriors who keep our ship afloat. Their precise work may go unnoticed, but it is always deeply appreciated. Thanks a lot.


As I pen my final editorial comment, I raise a virtual glass to each one of you. Our institute is not just about science; it is about people – the beating hearts that breathe life into the walls of K2’s many rooms. My hope is that K2 continues to flourish, bringing joy to new generations.

A thousand thanks, dear colleagues, for making this journey unforgettable. We will meet again, albeit with me in a different role.